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Do you have pests invading your home, lawn or garden? Pests are any living life form, regardless of whether it’s creatures, plants or organisms which are invasive, intrusive, destructive or troublesome to plants, human, animals, or human structures. Living with pest can be very frustrating as they can cause damage to both lives and properties. In this article we explore the best home pest control products.

With an increased number of pests in homes, offices, gardens and lawns, pest must be controlled with the best products and techniques available in the market. Pests are sometimes more than an irritation; they can also be a danger to human and animals as well. That being said, it is critical that you take care of this issue immediately.

Pest Control Products

When it comes to choosing quality pest control products, you are often limited by the products within your reach or endless list of pesticide products that are available on the market.

Dangerous Products

  • Pyrethrin Aerosol,
  • CB-Air Devil
  • CB-Invader
  • Cynoff EC
  • DeltaGard G
  • Demon EC
  • Demon WP
  • Ficam, Flea Fix
  • Maxforce Ant Granules
  • Maxforce FC Ant Bait
  • Maxforce Gel
  • Grain Moth Trap
  • Niban FG, Precor
  • Bacillus thuringiensis

and the list goes on and on.  All of the listed above products are effective against pests, but can be hazardous and toxic if ingested, or in contact with skin and eyes.

Organic and Inorganic Pest Control Home Remedies

Natural and homemade pest control products are more affordable than purchasing and applying pesticides. It’s more secure for your garden, your family, health, the regular natural life and the earth. There are numerous non dangerous home solutions for garden, lawn and home pest control that can be utilized. Here are a few natural home remedies for pest control:

1. Oil spray – Constructed pest spray produced using vegetable oil blended with liquid soap or mild non-degreasing soap. A very affective remedy to kill pests without damaging your garden or home. The mixture of the vegetable oil and a mild soap creates an oil coat that suffocates these pests especially insects. All you need to is simply spread around the region where you see the pests and sit tight for them to vanish.
2. Garlic spray  A proportioned mixture of garlic and water blended together is another insecticide that pests dread. The odor of the garlic is tamed using mints and other fragrances. This garlic spray is made by blending garlic and water stored for at least one day.
3. Baking soda and sugar – Preparing a mixture baking soda and powdered sugar blended in equivalent amounts of is a decent cockroach exterminator. Baking soda causes no harm on garden plants or lawn grasses but rather prevents fungal growth and other potential damages caused by pests.
4. Lawn fertilizers – Utilizing natural garden fertilizers is not just for soil improvement, it also guards your lawn against weeds, grasses and pests that are harmful.
5. Vinegar – Vinegar through its natural acidity gets rid of insects in your garden, lawn or home effectively. For best result it is advisable to use concentrated vinegar of at least 5% acidity.

As pests are increasing daily, the faster you act the better. When the lawn pests invade such as mosquitoes, grubs, termites, and cockroaches trying using the above organic remedies. If organic measure do not work, you can try the pesticides or simply call a professional exterminator if the problem becomes too much to handle.

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  1. I really appreciate your effort for sharing some exceptional pest removal technique which are organic and chemical free. I have already made a large bottle of garlic spray to keep ants out of my yard. I hope it works for me. Thank you so much

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