Best Grass Fertilizing Tips

How sure are you that you’re giving the best care to your grass? If you notice your lawn tends to look unhealthy, it might be time to consider solutions to bring it back to excellent condition.

Our lawns can be one of the best places around our home to seek relaxation, whether it be bonding with family or entertaining guests, some of our fondest moments connect to this area. An extra effort is required to grow beautiful grass that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Performing proper maintenance, including fertilization, is essential to ensuring a plush lawn. Read below to discover the best grass fertilizing tips.


Grass needs fertilizing in early spring to nourish it as soon as it begins to green.

There is a particular schedule to follow to apply fertilizer, but the timing for fertilization for the entire season will depend on the type of grass, the kind of fertilizer you are going to use, and the climate.

To know the specific schedule, you can consider checking out the label of the grass fertilizer bag for the recommended schedule. Also, make sure not to over-apply the fertilizer and avoid application during the hot summer days.


There are several methods and tips to consider when applying fertilizer to grass to obtain the best results.

  • Use a spreader for more even coverage.
  • Hand fertilizing might result in burns, wherein pale areas will not get enough fertilizer.
  • Rotary spreaders offer ease of use and do not cause striping.
  • With drop spreaders, you can avoid the fertilizers from splashing onto friendly landscaping
  • Water your lawn thoroughly after the application of fertilizer.
  • Watering the grass can help rinse off the blades to avoid burning, as well as allow the fertilizer to sink down into the soil.
  • Keep children and pets away from the lawn, at least 24-48 hours, after application

Learning how to apply fertilizers properly can ensure you get the best results as well as maintain its healthy look.

Other Grass Fertilizing Tips:

  • It is ideal to water the grass before the fertilizer application to safeguard that it will not suffer from drought stress.
  • Fill your spreader on the cement or driveway, making it easy to sweep up spills easily.
  • Ensure that the blades of grass are completely dry before applying the fertilizer to avoid burning.

There you have it! After discovering the essential pointers when applying fertilizers, you can visit your lawn with a greener view for the perfect place to relax and enjoy.

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