How To Apply Lawn Fertilizer

The pinnacle of green lush grass from a weed infested lawn is done by proper fertilization.  Following fertilization schedule helps, “weed out” the weeds. (Pun intended) How to apply lawn fertilizer? Applying the fertilizer is not a difficult task if you use a spreader to evenly distribute your fertilizer. You can rent a spreader at a local lawn and garden store, or purchase spreader that suits your needs.

To avoid striping and lawn burning, set your spreader settings according to the fertilizer manufacturer recommended settings.  Often fertilizer has the specific settings for different spreaders right on the bag. Contact the manufacturer of your spreader for help on how to properly apply lawn fertilizer correctly.

Types of Fertilizing Spreaders

  1. Ideally broadcaster spreaders are perfect for yards larger than 4,000 sq. ft. They spread their payload more quickly over a wider area. The drive wheel turns a whirling impeller plate under the hopper that catches and throws the payload.
  2. Drop spreaders lay a trail of granuals the width of their hopper. They work best on small lawns and in yards with numerous flowerbeds, sidewalks or patios where you need to carefully control the spread pattern. Be extra careful laying the fertilizer with ever pass because you can overlap your fertilizer.

Overlap gives you strips of double fertilizer, which can cause burning. You want the set rate of spread only once. When applying fertilizer you want the passes to touch, but not overlap.

Watering Lawn Before Fertilizing

Water your lawn thoroughly a day or two before applying fertilizer. Allow grass to dry before applying fertilizer, and then lightly water again. This second watering will wash fertilizer off grass blades and into soil.

When you fertilize your lawn properly,  you’ll be on your way to a healthy, dense lawn. Lawns that maintains a deep green color will starve out weeds and invasive grasses.

Nitrogen is a essential ingredient for each type of grass. Turf requires different amounts of nitrogen for peak growth and performance. How often you fertilize is dependent on your lawn’s health and color.

If your lawn is consistently healthy with only  two applications per year, hence you have a healthy soil and should not over fertilize. Too much fertilizer will not only affect appearance, but also maintenance level. The more you fertilize, the more you will  have to mow.

Learn more about how JC’s Landscaping can help with your lawn fertilization schedule. 

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