How to Deal with Common Lawn Problems


Fungus, Infestation, Weeds Oh My!

How to Deal with Common Lawn Problems? Different reasons why problems in your yard exist such as incorrect watering techniques, poor application of fertilizer, compacted soil, and environmental concerns. As you learn more about the typical lawn problems and how to address them, you can immediately tackle these issues before they get worse.

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  1. Rust
    As the name implies, this type of plant disease appears as yellowish or orange patches on the plant. When you look closely, you will notice orange-colored pustules on grass blades, which prevent you from having lush and green lawn. High nitrogen fertilizers should also be avoided during the fall season since these stunt the growth of grass and make them more prone to disease.
  2. White Grubs & Chafer Grubs
    As you inspect your yard, you may notice some grubs that ruin the picture-perfect appearance of your yard. These unsightly grubs are caused by the June beetle and Chafer beetle’s larvae, which feed on the grass roots. In addition these grubs will attract birds and badgers in your yard. These creatures will tear up the grass just to have a bite on these grubs. A natural way to solve this issue is by watering nematodes in, although some chemical solutions may also be used as an alternative option.
  3. grey-moldFungi and Molds
    While molds may not ruin your grass, having these in your yard may prevent you from sitting on the grass because of the slimy texture. These slime molds, along with fungi, also give your yard an unsightly appearance. To solve this issue, you can quickly spray the area with water. Make it a point to aerate regularly to minimize the chances of having fungi on your outdoor space.
  4. Red Thread and Discoloration
    Discoloration in grass and gives it red patches that eventually turn into brown before they die. The most common times in a year that red thread and discoloration occur are during fall and summer once the rainy season starts. You can solve discoloration by feeding your grass with ammonium sulfate to prevent nitrogen deficiency. Scarification and aeration also aid in enhancing air circulation in the yard.
  5. Weeds
    No one wants to have weeds destroying the beauty of their lawn. So, if you continuously battle with this problem, you may want to use a potent weed killer such as herbicide. Depending on the severity of the problem, you can spot-kill them using a pressure sprayer, or a dial sprayer to control weeds. Click here to visit JC’s service page for weed control!

This is just a few of the problems that can impact a healthy lawn. To learn more about problems that can effect your lawn click here.  If you want that piece of mind for the best lawn care. Call JC’s Landscaping or Click Here.


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