4 Exotic Philodendron For Indoors

philodendron plantComing in hundreds of species, picking philodendron for home decoration can be quite tricky. But don’t worry! Here we want to help you choose the best philodendron. Check our best philodendron recommendation for your house.

Moonlight Philodendron

The Moonlight Philodendron is well-known for its chartreuse, and lime-green color. It is a hybrid plant that changes color as it gets mature. This plant is perfect for apartments, porches, balconies, and also living rooms.

The Moonlight philodendron is native to South America. This perennial plant is part of the Araceae family.

In terms of caring for the philodendron, it is pretty simple. You need to provide filtered sunlight to help it thrive nicely. Even though the plant basically can survive in a shady place, it will slow its growth. For temperature, the philodendron grows best in an environment with a temperature between 65 to 80 ºF. You should make sure that the environment is not under 55 ºF.

Philodendron Variegata’s Ring of Fire

This philodendron is exceptional. This beautiful plant is a combination of five colors that occur in different parts of the leaves throughout the year.

The Ring of Fire is a slow grower and it enjoys rich organic soil. It thrives well in average humidity from 30%-60%. The best thing about the Ring of Fire is this plant prefers shady areas. So, it is perfect to grow as an indoor plant.

Even though this plant is slightly pricey, the features make it worth the money. It will spice up your house. So, why don’t you consider the plant on your shopping list?

Florida Ghost

The Florida Ghost should be your next wishlist. The plant is characterized by several lobes on its leaves and comes with an eye-catching shade. It starts with white color and when it gets mature, the leaves turn to green.

Meanwhile, the stems are longer when it is compared with other philodendron plants.

The Florida Ghost is native to South America. The plant’s attractiveness is not only coming from its foliage but also from its function which can purify the air around it.

If you want to buy this beautiful plant, don’t worry, the caring is pretty simple. It is almost similar to other types of philodendron. This plant loves a well-draining soil mix. You need to place the plant around the filtered-sunlight area as the direct sunlight can scorch the plant. Besides, you also need to provide a temperature between 65F (18C) to 95F (35C).

Philodendron Painted Lady

The Philodendron Painted Lady is one of the favorites among philodendron collectors. It is characterized by light green leaves and a yellowish spark around some leaves. It has a unique heart shape on every leaf. And also, it has a leathery texture with a glossy appearance.

The plant comes with red petioles and the leaf can grow up to 6 inches.

This is a climber so you need to provide support to help it stand perfectly.

One thing that you should remember when growing the Painted Lady is that the plant cannot tolerate temperatures. It needs to be kept away from drafty areas, especially colder environments.

That is all our recommendation. Remember that each plant needs special care so make sure you pay attention.


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