7 Best Summer Flowers for Dallas

Summer is packed with the charm of vibrant flowers that can brighten up your garden. Dazzling summer flowers really give mother nature a chance to show off her true potential. 

Flowers also invite beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden, with their bright colors and enticing fragrances. This is good news, because the butterflies help with pollenation! 

Here in the North Texas heat, it’s good to know which flowers are most likely to thrive in your yard and garden throughout the summer. Here’s a list of flowering plants that will remain verdant and health all summer long.

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Peonies are delicate summer flowers with multiple shades of pink. They offer a stunning contrast to the varying shades of green  that our Texas summers bring. 


Impatiens provide continuous continuous blossoms, starting in spring and lasting all the way into fall.  They come in nearly every color aside from blue, and they thrive even in highly shaded areas.


Salvia can be found in lovely shades of red, pink, cream, and violet. It grows as both an annual and a perennial, depending on the region.


Bright, golden petals that bless your lawn with giant happy faces! No one can deny the beauty of sunflowers. This one is celebrated for how tall and large it gets, as well as its delicious edible seeds.  


Marigolds produce flowers of mahogany, orange,and yellow,and there are a few varieties with bi-colored petals. They can grow up to 18 inches high and work wonderfully as a border.


Caladiums are known for their heart-shaped leaves with a bright red and green combination. They are equally lovely both in the landscape and as an indoor plant. 


These plants produce blossoms from springtime all the way into the first winter frost. They produce flowers that range from white, to pink, to red, along with foliage that ranges from green to a deep copper shade.


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