Fall Landscaping Ideas For Front Yards

  • fall landscaping ideas1
    fall landscaping ideas
    A variety of potted planted, mixed with shrubs and ornamental grasses.
  • fall landscaping ideas 2
    fall landscaping ideas
    A few pumpkins sprawled along the garden bed with a trio of cute scarecrows.
  • fall landscaping ideas 3
    fall landscaping ideas
    A few pumpkins, scarecrows and potted place along the stair case.
  • fall landscaping ideas 4
    fall landscaping ideas
    A large variety of flowers along the walkway to the front of the yard.
  • fall landscaping ideas 5
    fall landscaping ideas
    For smaller front yards we have a rock mulched garden bed with a tree and a few shrubs planted along side a few potted flowers
  • fall landscaping ideas 6
    fall landscaping ideas
    This large assortment of flowers, shrubs, ornamental grasses and a small tree draws your eyes all over.

Bye Bye Summer!

fall landscaping ideasThe right fall landscaping ideas for front yard will not only make your lawn look more appealing, but it will also improve the curb appeal. There are a few things that every homeowner should keep in mind to transform their front yards. The right landscaping idea will add some edge around your flower gardens and around the foundation of your home.

Adding Appeal and Character

The right fall landscaping ideas for your front yard can add more appeal and character. Incorporating permanent edging in curves does much to enhance the landscape throughout the year, and in addition, it breaks the monotony and makes your front yard look more beautiful.

Use a variety of colors for fall landscaping ideas for front yards. The fall months are also the perfect time to plant. Once you have determined which plants require division or re-spacing, you can plant in areas of your landscape requiring filling. You can exchange mums and pansies (fall appropriate) with summer annuals.  Utilizing a few pots and festive containers add some charm and color to your front yard.

Fall Clean Up

Keeping your yard clean and landscaped is equally import as the arrangement of flowers, ground covers or colorful plants you choose. A Well maintain yard is one to be admired, as well as let spring clean up after the winter season.

  1. Mow your lawn. Make sure that you keep on mowing your lawn until it does not grow anymore. The rule of thumb is to not let the grass in your lawn grow to more than three inches throughout the year. This ensures sufficient surface area for the sun to bear down on the grass. So, until the snow starts falling, you must continue to mow your lawn.
  2. Apply grass seed. It is important to apply grass seed. Test the soil to find out how much pH and nutrients are available. If there is deficiency, then the same needs to be corrected. If possible, take a sample of the soil and send it to a professional who will test it for about 15 dollars. Soil plays a crucial role in the landscape. So, don’t overlook it.
  3. Test soil. After testing the soil; it is time to correct deficiencies and once this is done, you need to aerate and also seed the stressed parts. Depending on the condition of your lawn, you may need to use approximately 3 pounds per 1000 square feet. Using certified seed helps because it won’t contain any weed seeds or fillers.
  4. Turn the mulch. It also pays to look at fall landscaping ideas for front yard like turning the mulch. If you fluff the mulch it would make your flowerbeds look fresh and it also almost entirely eliminates the need to use fresh or more mulch. In case you do use fresh mulch, then don’t let the pile become thicker than 2 to 3 inches. Anything more than that will allow insects and plant diseases to flourish. In addition, it would become hard for water to be absorbed properly.

Fall is about the seasonal holidays and the festive time of the year when all the greens change to oranges, yellows, and browns. Layering your plants can add depth and charm to your front yard landscape..


2 thoughts on “Fall Landscaping Ideas For Front Yards

  1. wow, beautiful flowers…I love the variety of potted planted, mixed with shrubs and ornamental grasses.

  2. Nice front yard landscaping ideas for fall. These are good things to keep in mind for my project, which is in the planning stages. I’m not set on any one thing yet, but I was looking at some other articles about front yard landscaping – this page also talks about using stones and the like, but they don’t seem to have fall-specific ideas like you do. It definitely pays to know how to make seasonal adjustments. Thanks!

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