Gorgeous Ground Cover Plants to Enhance Your Yard

english ivy
  • english ivy

    English Ivy

  • trailing juniper


  • Dyschoriste linearis snake herb

    Snake Herb - Dyschoriste Linearis

  • lantana


  • pachysandra


  • scarlet sage

    Scarlet Sage - Salvia Splendens

Creating a beautiful yard is about so much more than healthy grass and a few sturdy trees. Shrubs, flowers, ivy, and other gorgeous greenery can add fantastic colors and layers of foliage to your lawnscape.

If you’d like to cut back on the area of yard that needs mowing, there are several fantastic ground covers you can consider for the outer perimeters of your lawn- whether it be a patch under the window or a lovely spread against the back fence.

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Let’s Take a Look at Some Attractive Options:

english ivyEnglish Ivy

Ivy may be the most popular ground cover, due to its deep green vines that require little to no care. Adaptable to both sun and shade, English ivy can be planted almost anywhere you want to add a bit of texture to your landscape.

trailing juniperTrailing Juniper

In addition to smelling fantastic, this beauty can reach up to six feet in length. That makes it a wonderful ground cover, with its fragrant flowers and evergreen foliage. That’s right- even in the winter, this beauty will stay healthy and green.

snake herbSnake Herb

Another fantastic evergreen that will keep your yard green even in the winter! Snake herb grows densely, easily deterring weeds with its thick foliage and broad range of colorful blossoms. 


As a perennial, this plant will bloom from one season to the next without replanting. Lantana is a rapid grower, making it a great choice for low-maintenance ground cover. It produces deep green foliage with a broad variety of tiny blossoms.


This lovely, bushy plant is an avid creeper, remaining hardy even in low light and poor soil. As a rapid grower, pachysandra can quickly cover a large patch of ground in a short time, with its white blossoms and lush foliage.

scarlet sageScarlet Sage

This lovely lady offers your garden a tower of red blossoms among bright green foliage. She spreads easily and is easy to care for, but won’t do well under a tree. Scarlet sage needs ample sunlight to remain healthy.

Final Thoughts

  • English ivy is a low-maintenance favorite among ground covers.
  • Trailing juniper is an evergreen that offers fragrant flowers.
  • Snake herb is also an evergreen, boasting dense foliage and brightly colored blossoms.
  • Lantana is a rapidly growing perennial that makes a great ground cover from one season to the next.
  • Pachysandra is also an avid grower, able to cover a lot of ground even in poor conditions.
  • Scarlet sage will readily fill a dry patch with beautiful red blossoms, so long as she gets adequate sun.

If you’re looking to add some texture to your terrain, these are all attractive and low-maintenance options.

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Janice Nelson

One thought on “Gorgeous Ground Cover Plants to Enhance Your Yard

  1. I already have a lot of english ivy in my garden, but I’m trying to add more plants and more diversity. I particularly liked the snake herb, I’ll do more research on that.

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