Perennials to Plant in the Fall: Zone 8

dahlia flower

You may not consider fall or early winter as ideal times for gardening. However, there are quite a few flowers that do well when planted in the cooler months.

Here in North Texas, we’re blessed with milder winters that sometimes allow some planting, so long as it’s done several weeks before the first freeze is expected. Here are a few of the perennial beauties you may consider planting in the fall, here in Zone 8.

Perennials to Plant in the Fall: Zone 8Asters

Asters are a long-time favorite for gardeners. Their versatility, both in size and color, make them a great match for nearly any gardenscape. One thing to keep in mind is that they spread easily, so it is best to plant them in a container or an enclosed area.

Asters can grow up to 2 feet high, and do best in full sun. They are often paired with chrysanthemums to create a robust and colorful garden.

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These cold-hardy, voluptuous beauties not only bloom in the fall, but they fare well when planted in the cooler weather as well. Big, bold, and fragrant, mums can be found is a rainbow of different colors.

These flowers come in 2 varieties: florist mums and garden mums. If you plan to plant yours outside, be sure you purchase garden mums, as they will fare better as the weather changes.

dahlia flowerDahlias

Speaking of flowers that offer a sizeable blossom, dahlias are known for their massive blossoms. They boast deep pink petals with a bit of striking white at the edges.

Dahlias are amenable to partial shade or full sun, and they grow from midsummer through early winter. They do provide some pruning to keep the blooming consistent.

astilbe flowerAstilbe

Astilbe are appreciated for both their flowers and foliage. The leaves grow in long slender stalks that somewhat resemble a fern. The blossoms appear as smallish red or pink flowers.

These plants do well in partial shade, but full shade is not recommended. Be sure to provide your astilbe with fresh mulch throughout the active growth season. If well-cared-for, they will live for 15 years or more.

coral bellsCoral Bells

Also known as heucheras and alumroot, these lovely bell-shaped blossoms are celebrated for their beauty and long life. With striking foliage of several colors, and lacey stalks of tiny flowers, they add grace, texture, and color to any garden.

Coral bells do well in a variety of settings, able to thrive in both sun and shade, as well as various climates and temperatures. Their clusters of fragrant blossoms will attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden as well.

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perennials to plant in the fall: zone 8Pigsqueak

Also known as bergenia cordifolia, this plant is partially named for its foliage. In addition to bold magenta blossoms, it also produces large leathery leaves.

Pigsqueak is able to thrive in many different conditions and soil types, though it prefers a bit of shade. The plant can grow up to 18 inches in height. With this height, in addition to the large foliage, it makes quite a statement in your garden.

goldenrod flowerGoldenrods

This gardening favorite offers a sunny hue that gives the flower its namesake. This perennial is celebrated for its hardiness and long life.

Goldenrods will happily grow in the wild, spreading across fields and meadows, and they’re also quite at home in your own garden. They do best in full or partial sun, with moist but well-drained soil.


Janice Nelson

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