Top 5 Garden Design Ideas for Summer

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Have you always wanted to grow your own summer garden? Now is the time to start planning for it. Of course, you’d need the help of award winning garden designers, but it’s always best that you look around for inspiration, which you can find everywhere. 

To help you out in your plans, we’ve created this compilation of the top 5 garden design ideas for summer that are in trend nowadays. 

1. Calm Color Palettes to Offset Large Spaces

Gardens with large square footage can easily get out of control if they don’t have a clear design that balances and unifies all its elements. Thus, having a simple color palette in place can tone down the vibes of your yard.

Limit the palette to just two contrasting colors, or you can also exhibit multiple shades of one color. This way, you can plant more varieties of foliage without inadvertently creating a messy or incoherent landscape. 

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2. Climbing Roses Decorating a Pergola

You don’t need to do or spend much to achieve that wow factor in your summer garden. A simple pergola can be made more impressive if you decorate it with climbing roses. Once they’ve grown to their full beauty, they will help to create a picturesque scene in your yard.

Here’s a tip, though: climbing roses don’t look good at their base so you can keep those thorny canes hidden from view with an underplanting of liatris plants, which will complement your roses well. 

Top 5 Garden Design Ideas for Summer
Dianthus flowers.

3. Setting Up a Fragrant Path

Your summer  garden won’t be complete without a pathway lined with all kinds of sweet-smelling blooms. In early summer, the particular scent of lavender mixed with sweet alyssum is something that a lot of flower gardeners anticipate.

When creating your own fragrant path, make sure to plant species of flowers that won’t overwhelm or crowd each other out. Some examples of such plants are sedum, coreopsis, and dianthus.

Also, make sure you set up this path around areas that don’t attract a lot of foot traffic, as the bees attracted by these flowers might get agitated if they’re disturbed by many passersby. 

Top 5 Garden Design Ideas for Summer
Lantana flowers.

4. The Summer Favorites: Casual Wildflowers

The summer season is when it’s best to explore the possibility of installing native plants such as casual wildflowers in your summer border.

These types of blooms are common favorites when summertime comes around due to their low-maintenance factor as well as their ability to attract pollinators like butterflies and honeybees.

Some examples of these wildflowers are bellflowers, coneflower, butterfly weed, penstemon, and beebalm, among others. 

5. Unique and Rare Selections

native plants of north texas
Turk’s Cap.

If you’re looking for something that’s out of the ordinary, adding some unconventional blooms can do wonders for your garden and make your flower border more special.

A couple of examples you can include in your selection would be two species of lilies: foxtail lily and Turk’s cap lily.

You’d need to learn a bit of specialized knowledge and exert a little effort to grow these particular plants, but the results are worth it as these blooms can be incredibly breathtaking when they’re in full bloom. 

Wrapping Up

As usual, when creating your summer garden, you shouldn’t forget about the basics. Performing some daily tasks such as watering and weeding and even doing a bit of composting every now and then will help to create that picturesque flower paradise you’ve always dreamed of. 


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