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grapevine sod installation

What Exactly is Sod?

Sod is a roll of living turfgrass that grows from seed on a professional farm. To clarify, these farms use only the highest-quality seeds. Hybrid sprigs also available.

Also, the seeds are planted in the best soils, which produces very strong roots. Not only that, but a rigid regimen of mowing, watering, and fertilizing is maintained.

After about 10-18 months, the sod will be ready to harvest. Once the sod is ready, it goes straight to you.

In cold, winter months sod will keep for about a week. During the summer, sod needs to be put down immediately because it starts to decompose after 24 hours.

JC’s Landscaping promises to lay down your sod on the same day it’s cut.

We offer different varieties of Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia turfgrasses.

bermuda grass-warm season turf


Bermuda is a warm-season grass grown often in North Texas cities because it is very drought-resistant. Which means it is able to withstand the brutally hot Texas summers.

Bermuda grass handles heavy foot traffic and will recover rapidly from it. It’s so durable in fact, that it’s the premier choice for many farms. Animals walk and graze on it and the turf swiftly grows back.

This turfgrass is a perennial and that makes yearly maintenance simple and worry-free. Bermuda is a fast-growing grass that will quickly fill in any holes or gaps in your lawn.

One drawback is that bermuda is not shade-tolerant. So keep this in mind when choosing sod.

Bermuda is tolerant of salt and humidity. Bermuda originated in Africa and is seen as a weed there because of how aggressively it spreads. For this reason, you will have to put in time and effort in order to maintain a healthy, vibrant Bermuda lawn. Check out our lawn maintenance page for options. 

Here at JC’s Landscaping we pride ourselves on offering grass blends. If your yard does have some shady areas, we will suggest a blend that will grow well in sun and shade.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine or buffalo grass is a warm-season turf that has origins in Africa. Similarly to Bermuda, St. Augustine is also tolerant of salt and humidity, which bodes well for homeowners with pools.

This turfgrass is able to withstand extreme heat and actually thrives in hot temperatures. St. Augustine has deep-rooting capabilities, which makes it a great choice for sod because it will establish itself quickly.

Different varieties of St. Augustine will have different features. One St. Augustine cultivar, Floratam (created by the University of Florida and Texas A&M) is one of the most drought-resistant varieties. The Palmetto variety is soft, dark-colored and does well in sun and shade.

St. Augustine is one of the most popular turfgrasses grown in Texas. Call JC’s Landscaping today to discuss which specific variety will work best for your lawn.

how do I make my st augustine grass thicker
how to make grass green in summer


Zoysia grass is another popular turfgrass in North Texas. This incredibly versatile grass is native to Southeast Asia and New Zealand.

The grass spreads through underground stems called rhizomes or stolons. This turfgrass is fine and very soft.

There are many strengths associated with Zoysia turfgrass. One of them is that Zoysia is shade and drought resistant.

Some varieties of Zoysia have been bred to withstand colder temperatures. Zoysia handles moderate foot traffic and is normal-high maintenance.

Zoysia is a slow-growing grass, which means less mowing. With that being said, establish Zoysia through plugging or sodding.

It’s important to note though, that Zoysia turf does have a history of thatch problems. Therefore, Zoysia grass should be dethatched and aerated annually.

Benefits of Sod

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Grapevine Texas

Grapevine is a growing suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The name grapevine comes from wild grapes found growing as far back as 1843.

Interestingly, cotton was the city’s primary crop, until it was surpassed by cantaloupe farms in the 20th century. Later, in 1974 the DFW airport opened. This allowed the city to further evolve into a regional center of commerce because of its proximity to the airport.

JC’s Landscaping is excited to extend our services to the fabulous city of Grapevine.

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