Indoor Plants That Are Easy to Care For

Did you know that the indoor plants can improve your mood and reduce your stress levels? Studies have shown that the presence of foliage in both home and office environments has a measurable calming effect on the humans who behold them.

But what if you’re already so busy you can scarcely get out the door with a cup of coffee! Surely you don’t need one more thing to care for, right? Most of us have other creatures in our home, for which we are at least partially responsible- whether it’ a spouse, children, or beloved pets.

And yet, we’re telling you that getting a plant is supposed to reduce your stress level? Worry not, for we’ve compiled a wonderful list of indoor plants that are not only beautiful, but incredibly easy to care for.

  • lobelia


  • hawthoria

    Green Succulent- Haworthia

  • gastoria

    Green Succulent- Gasteria

  • lucky bamboo

    Lucky Bamboo

  • gryphon begonia

    Gryphon Begonia

  • white browallia

    White Browallia

  • magilla perilla

    Magilla Perilla

  • velvet elvis

    Velvet Elvis


With its tiny blossoms that come in a variety of colors, this lovely lady will brighten up any corner of the room. It does well inside because excessive heat will cause it to stop blooming.

Lobelia can be found in lavender, light pink, white, at purple. Some varieties even produce lively bi-colored petals of various shades.

Green Succulents

These include everything from the well known cactus and aloe, to the lesser known haworthia (show to the right) and gasteria. Haworthia comes in multiple varieties, Some grow fat, teardrop leaves of light reen with a lime colored base and veins. Others produce tall spikes of varying shades of green, with stark white stripes.

Gasteria (show to the left) splays out like a yucca plant, with fat tongue-shaped leaves of deep green with lime speckles. True to their name, succulents hold an abundance of water, making them very easy to care for. Most need very little light, and only a bit of water every couple of weeks (depending on their size, of course).

Lucky Bamboo

This twirling beauty gets its name from its resemblance to the canes of invasive bamboo plants. It’s actually a part of the dracaena family, and has been used in Chinese decor for hundreds of years. does a great job of thriving in a simple vase of water. It’s an invasive species in the wild, but can be contained happily in small containers.

The bright green stalk creates attractive spirals as it grows, producing long thin leaves at the top. It does well in varying amounts of light, and will happily thrive in a simple vase of water.

Gryphon Begonia

This plant is known for its hardiness, able to thrive in a broad range of conditions. It calls for minimal watering and very little direct light.

They will occasionally brighten the room with a charming burst of small pink flowers, but their foliage is the real eye-catcher. Gryphon begonias produce large heart-shaped leaves of light mint green, with striking veins and outlines of deep green, maroon, and fuchsia.

White Browallia

This plant produces a spray of tiny white stars, despite the fact that it’s sometimes referred to as a bush violet. Paired with dense, medium-green foliage, it offers a gorgeous color contrast for your home or office.

Its compact growth pattern and high tolerance for shaded areas make it a great choice for indoor potting. As an added bonus, white browallia requires no pruning at all!

Magilla Perilla

This plant has a high tolerance for extreme temperatures, but its need for additional watering in the heat makes it a perfect indoor companion. It rarely flowers, but its leaves are quite beautiful.

The broad foliage of magilla perilla will start out as a bright sunny green with a center that’s either pink or light yellow. As they mature, they deepen into a striking plum purple with a lively pink spike of fuschia down the center.

Velvet Elvis

Named for its furry leaves that resemble Presley’s velvet attire, this plant offers deep green foliage with a striking violet underside. It is also sometimes referred to as Swedish Ivy.

Spikes of lavender burst forth among the fuzzy leaves, blooming all summer long. These tubular lavender petals prefer full shade, making this plant a gorgeous indoor decoration.


This is only a small portion of the broad variety of indoor plants that can enhance your home without added stress. We’ve picked a few of our favorites to share with you, and we hope you’ll consider the calming benefits of adding a couple of gorgeous plants to enliven your living space.


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