Dogscaping Your Backyard

dog friendly landscaping
Create a Dog Friendly Landsape to Keep Your Pet Happy

Dog Friendly Landscape Design Ideas

You might be dogscaping your garden, and did not realize you were on the forefront of some common problems and of the newest trend.

Dogscaping is landscaping with the canine in mind. Conscientious pet owners, consider their habits such as general comfort and potty preferences already have backyards that are rather dogscaped. Most important features of a dog-friendly garden are shelter, shade, space for exercise, fencing, clean water and a place for dogs to do their business. 

There come these three common dog related landscaping problems:

Designate Areas for Your Dog To Dig!

Conscientious pet owners can discourage their dogs from ripping up spring’s daisies by designating digging areas where they don’t mind digging up around 2 feet of the ground. It’s easier to dogscape your backyard. When your dog is not seeing, dig down at least 3 ft. and begin planting goodies for him to find.

Pack the dirt tightly over every item, leaving only a few inches between. As you reach close to the top, get anything that is smelly and attractive, such as a piece of meat, be the first item he discovers. Ensure it is a few inches beneath the ground, so he needs to dig a bit to find it.  You can keep your dog within a designed area with wifi pet boundary.

Pathways for Patrolling Dogs

For patrolling dogs, it is best to work with the natural pathways. For most if not all dogs, it’s easier to note their favorite paths. Check for worn patterns, then mimic that path with wood mulch or stone pavers, as it is going to get worn down when the soil is left bare. Patrolling dogs want wide berth around backyard’s perimeter to have room for doing their duties to protect you. Planting trees and shrubs few feet away from fences as well as keeping them pruned up from the ground can let your dog enjoy damage-less access to walk.

Provide Appropriate Place for them to Potty

Giving clean water to drink and a proper potty place can be closely related point, one is directly connected to the other. Where to place clean drinking water in relation to place to potty is important.

If he pees all across the yard, just pick one spot to maintain free of food and toys, and he will begin going there, he would not need to be peeing all over his food and water. Keep the space on the lawn, however. It is your dog’s instinct to reach a softer surface to avoid the pee splashing back onto him.

Final Verdict

Most importantly, you do not need to scarify your personal needs and wants for a beautiful garden. With just a few compromises, both your dog and you can be happy. Don’t give up on all the plants you have always needed to have in your backyard. You can put little fences or some barriers. You can make use of raised flower beds to get them out your pet’s way to prevent him from messing with. You can still reach your target to create a dog friendly garden.


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