How to Use a Fire Pit Safely

Outdoor Lounge Area with Fire PitSummer is upon us and it is the perfect time of the year to sit outdoors late into the evenings enjoying the summer breeze chatting with family and friends. During this time, there is nothing that makes the nights more special than an open fire.

EarthFire Ceramic Fire Pits

Not many people can afford fireplaces in their gardens or have the space for bonfire pits, which forces most of them to settle for gas-powered heaters or chimineas to keep the evening chill at bay.

But what do you do if you cannot afford a fireplace or a gas-powered heater? Well, there is a great solution for you – a fire pit will ensure safety. Fire bowls are a great alternative and offer a far more practical and attractive heating solution.

Fire pits don’t necessarily have to be complicated. It could be as low-tech as using a large fire-proof bowl to burn charcoal or wood; though there are some that are gas-fueled.

If you plan on using a fire bowl or fire pit to keep yourself warm, here are a couple of tips to help make sure that you enjoy your fire pit or bowl to the max.

1. Follow up on local smoke control regulations regarding bonfires, open fires, chimineas, etc. although they are normally allowed in smoke control zones. For more information on this, visit

2. Ensure that the area around where you plan to use the bowl or pit is clear of foliage and any other thing that could melt or catch fire – the recommended distance from the fire bowl is at least six feet. Also, consider the space above the fire bowl.

3. Never leave the fire bowl unattended when it’s alight. Always keep a bucket of sand or water nearby in case a fire emergency arises.

4. Be very cautious of wind as it can be an issue with fire bowls, especially if you are burning wood since embers could get blown out of the bowl. It is advisable that you place your fire bowl in a wind-protected location. Doing so will also help keep the heat in!

5. Use a fire bowl that is purposely-designed for the task. Home-made or improvised fire pits have been known to melt, shatter or disintegrate. Grenadier’s EarthFire Ceramic FirePit is thermal shock-proof and durable. It is ceramic body retains heat like a rock and will continue radiating a soothing warmth long after the fire has burnt out.

6. When done for the night, make sure that you extinguish the fire and give the pit some time to cool down before trying to move it. When it comes to extinguishing the fire, consider smothering it with dirt or sand instead of water as it could cause a cloud of ash-filled steam to rise.

7. Always try and enjoy the outdoor living experience any time the great season of Summer allows!


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