Outdoor Lighting: Enhance Your Backyard at Night

fairy lights among tree leaves at night

Every outdoor aficionado knows the value in having a beautiful and well-manicured yard to enjoy. Much of this hinges on the health and verdance of the grass, shrubs, trees, and other plant life you may have chosen to adorn your front or backyard.

However, while we do specialize in lawn care and landscaping, JC’s understands that there is an additional element to creating a truly lovely and inviting outdoor space to enjoy, especially at night.

If you are looking for lighting ideas for your patio, deck, or backyard, then you need a range of options to choose what’s going to work best with your personal tastes and what you already have going in your outdoor living space.  

If you can’t see what you’re doing, you will have to hang out inside or just go to bed.  Which means you’ll miss out on the cool night breeze and shining stars.  

However, there is a way to continue enjoying late evening sessions on the patio and bring life to the night, even as the daylight begins to wane. 

Light your patio and backyard according to your preferences, and never miss out on the chance to breathe in the night air and enjoy a starlight meal or glass of wine.

fairy lights among tree leaves at nightFairy Lights

Bring sparkle to your backyard and summon the dwellers of the fantasy land. Fairy lights are an excellent way to light your patio and backyards. 

Gather a bunch of lights in different shades. Attach the lights to poles or the roof of the patio. 

They can also be joined along the fence. Keep the wires secure, and do not let them tangle with each other. 

Plug the switches safely into a weather-friendly outlet, and turn the light on or off according to your requirements.

Want more ideas on how to spruce up your backyard? Check out our Simple Guide to Modern Landscape Design.


Another way to glorify outdoor lighting is to use chandeliers or pendants. Modern chandeliers are minimalistic and enhance the ambiance of the patio décor. 

These chandeliers employ LED lights only. These lights are either inbuilt or visible distantly. The LED chandeliers can be hung above the patio seating to brighten the entire patio. 

On average, three chandeliers can do the job for a spacious patio; otherwise, only two can suffice. The wiring is insulated, and the chances of safety hazards are minimal, as is the design of the chandelier.


Lamps are an elegant and excellent way to brighten up your patios and take the outdoor lighting one step ahead. 

Beautifully designed lamps do not take up much space. Lamps can also illuminate patios without roofs. 

You can also opt for a lamppost and adjust them to the corner or boundaries of the deck. These lamp posts, however, can take a lot of voltage and mess with your budget. 

Choosing table lamps is the best alternative if you are watching your budget. You can center the lamps on the tables or around the patio seating. 


Another option is to get lanterns and hang them above the seating area. Although having a roof or ceiling over the patio is necessary to hang the lanterns. 

Adding a string of lanterns above your grill or cooking space will provide the chef with ample lighting to prepare delicious cuisine.  Placing lanterns along the perimeter of a pool or water feature will light up the water in a magical way for you and your guests. 

Hanging solar lanterns around the base of a garden will carry ambience past your patio and into your entire outdoor space.  


There are plenty of ways through which you can irradiate your patios and backyard. The kind of lighting you select depends upon your predispositions, budget, and circumstances. 

A smaller deck does not require hefty lighting.  On the other hand, a spacious patio must have adequate lighting or multiple sources of brightness. Adding these features to your outdoor space will bring a new element of subtle beauty to your backyard landscape as you enjoy how the lights and shadows play off of the foliage of your trees and flowers.

Budget-friendly patio lighting can offer you decent and minimalistic choices that can enhance the luminosity and ambiance of your patio.

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