Landscaping with Wood


Reliable and Renewable

Wood-landscapeWood is a vital part of every culture and country. It is a renewable, local, beautiful natural resource that plays a vital role in a balanced environment and is plentiful. Landscaping with wood is more than building trellis’s, arbors and pergolas. Wood is the perfect choices for adding vertical structure to your yard. Decks allow water to filter to the earth below and provide a stable surface to lounge on. Retaining walls, elevated flowers beds, and walkways have numerous functions and best of all wood in not very expensive.

Top five uses of wood in landscaping

  1. Planters and wooden flower pots – A low cost building materiel, wood provides wide array of building options from size and shape to texture and color.
  2. Mulches and ground cover – Most flower beds and gardens use mulch, however it can be used on a larger scale to function in playgrounds and areas where grass doesn’t grow very well.
  3. Edging and Spacers – Along with stone and metal edging, wood can be just as effecting in preventing weeds from growing into your planting beds.
  4. Retaining walls and elevated beds -Great for landscapes with uneven surface or to add variety in your landscape. Wood provides a strong and sturdy option for your planting beds and retaining walls.
  5. Patio, Decks, and Walkways – Wood options for building offer the best flexibility.  You can get long planks and beams for building structures and don’t have to worry about hauling large stones or bricks.  Wood buildings have a rustic look, but can be modern in design as well.

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In any landscaping project it is import to plan ahead and take measurements of your surroundings. Landscaping with wood is practical and affordable for landscaping projects indoors and out. These tips and visuals will show just a fraction of all the landscaping  ideas are being used.  JC’s Landscaping provides a professional touch to landscaping your yard or business. Call for a custom quote or to discuss your vision for the perfect back yard retreat.
D Boone

D Boone

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  1. I loved the idea of using wood to create an elevated garden bed, as it is sturdy and adds variety. Gardening is actually an interest of mine, so these tips could really help me out. What type of timber is best for using during landscaping?

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