When to Plant Shrubs

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purple shrubs around treeFor those with a green thumb, working with plants is a source of true joy. Shrubs are a beautiful way to add texture and dimension to your yard. They’re often used to enhance the aesthetics along fence lines and outer walls, and can even be used to create natural barriers in your landscape.

If you’ve never planted a shrub, we have the information you need on when and how to do so successfully.

What is a Shrub?

Shrubs are woody plants, similar to trees, but smaller and with several branches rising from the base instead of a single trunk. They are generally less than 6m (20ft) tall, with shorter shrubs only reaching 5 or 6 feet in height.

A few common shrub types that most would easily recognize are roses, forsythia bushes, red twig dogwood, holly shrubs, and common lilacs. Shrubs have denser foliage than bushes and are typically kept pruned, whereas most bushes grow in the wild.

When is the Best Time to Plant Shrubs?

The fall season is the best time to plant shrubs, as it gives the plant plenty of time to take root before the hot summer months arrive. The combination of the warm soil and cool autumn air promotes strong, sturdy stems and branches. The warmth of the ground provides an excellent environment for root growth, while the cool temperatures reduce the risk of dehydration.

Tips on Planting Shrubs

When you are planting a shrub, you need to prepare the area according to the size of the plant. Dig a hole deep enough to fully submerge the root system, with at least a 6-inch circumference around the base at ground-level. If you purchased the shrub in a container, make sure to remove it carefully before planting, to ensure that the roots remain fully intact.

You can add fertilization to the soil before planting to help the roots establish themselves and grow strong.

Once planted, fill the hole and pack the topsoil snugly around the base of the branches. Watering your shrub immediately after planting it helps settle the surrounding dirt, filling in any potential air pockets. New plants need frequent watering, while established shrubs typically do well with 2-3 times per week.

heat tolerant shrubsConclusion

  • Shrubs are small woody plants with several small branches instead of a single trunk. Common types are roses, forsythia, and holly.
  • Autumn is a great time to plant shrubs in your yard, as the combo of cool air and warm soil promote strong roots and branches.
  • Be sure you allow for at least a 6-inch circumference around the base when planting a shrub, and plan to water it often to help it take root in new soil.

With these simple steps, you can easily add a gorgeous new shrub to your yard. Be sure you contact one of our experts with any questions you may have about caring for specific breeds. At JC’s Landscaping, we’re always eager to assist you in trimming your shrubs and trees. 

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