Winter Plants for North Texas

winter plants for north texas

When winter arrives in North Texas, it doesn’t mean that your landscape has to become dull and lifeless. With the right selection of winter plants for North Texas, you will add interest to your outdoor space even during the cooler months.

In this article, we will explore some of the best winter plants for North Texas, ensuring that your landscape remains captivating and beautiful throughout the year.

dwarf yaupon holly
Add a touch of color to your landscape this winter.

Dwarf Yaupon Holly (Ilex vomitoria ‘Dwarf’)

When it comes to selecting the perfect winter plant for your landscape, look no further than Yaupon Holly. This versatile and resilient evergreen shrub boasts a myriad of qualities that make it an excellent choice for the colder months.

With its glossy leaves, vibrant red berries, and tolerance for North Texas’ climate, Yaupon Holly brings beauty, texture, and year-round interest to your outdoor space.

Its dense growth habit provides a natural screen and adds depth to your garden while also attracting birds with its berry-laden branches. Whether planted as a standalone feature or as a hedge, Yaupon Holly is a stellar winter plant that will enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your landscape.

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Rose Creek Abelia (Abelia x. Grandiflora)

winter plants
This is a Rose Creek Abelia plant.

When it comes to selecting a winter plant that can truly transform your North Texas landscape, look no further than Rose Creek Abelia.

This stunning evergreen shrub boasts a multitude of attributes that make it a perfect choice for the colder months.

With its lush, dark green foliage that persists year-round, Rose Creek Abelia adds vibrancy and texture to any outdoor space.


japanese boxwood-hardy plant
Excellent, hardy winter plant.

Dwarf Japanese Boxwood (Buxus microphylla var. japonica)

Looking for a winter plant that can elevate the look of your North Texas landscape? Check out Dwarf Japanese Boxwood.

This compact evergreen shrub boasts a host of features that make it an ideal choice for the colder months.

With its dense foliage, Dwarf Japanese Boxwood offers excellent coverage and screening for open garden spaces. Its bright green leaves lend a cheerful touch to any outdoor area, creating a vibrant and dynamic landscape.

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Heaths and Heathers (Erica and Calluna spp.)

hardy plant
Heather plants will need extra protection during the winter months.

Heaths and heathers are low-growing evergreen shrubs that showcase beautiful foliage and abundant blooms throughout the winter.

These plants feature vibrant flower colors, such as pinks, purples, and whites, and provide excellent ground cover.

They are drought-tolerant and thrive in well-drained soil, making them ideal for North Texas’ climate.

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low maintenance winter plant
Low maintenance and winter hardy.

Hellebores (Helleborus spp.)

Hellebores, also known as Lenten roses, are exquisite winter bloomers that can bring life to your garden even during the coldest months.

These perennial flowers feature elegant, downward-facing blooms in shades of pink, purple, white, and green.

They prefer partial shade and well-drained soil, making them a great option for shaded areas of your landscape.

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Camellias (Camellia spp.)

low maintenance winter shrub
This shrub is stunning in winter.

Camellias are an evergreen shrub that provides stunning winter blooms in North Texas. These plants feature large, showy flowers in shades of pink, red, and white.

Camellias prefer well-drained soil, partial shade, and protection from harsh winter winds. With proper care, they can become the centerpiece of your winter garden.

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great winter plant
Great winter plant.

Winter Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum)

Winter jasmine is a deciduous shrub that bursts with bright yellow blooms during the winter months.

Unlike other jasmine varieties, winter jasmine blooms on bare stems before its leaves emerge.

It thrives in full sun or partial shade and is perfect for cascading over walls, fences, or trellises, adding a splash of color to your landscape.

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis spp.)

witch hazel-winter plant
Try witch hazel in your garden this year.

Witch hazel is a winter-blooming shrub known for its delicate and fragrant flowers.

It produces clusters of yellow, orange, or red blooms that appear when most other plants are dormant.

Witch hazel thrives in well-drained soil and can tolerate full sun or partial shade. It adds a touch of elegance and charm to your winter garden.


Don’t let the winter season dampen the beauty and vibrancy of your landscape in North Texas. By incorporating these winter plants into your garden, you can enjoy an array of colors, textures, and fragrances throughout the colder months.

Whatever you prefer, there are plenty of options to enhance your outdoor space. Embrace the charm of winter gardening and create a stunning landscape that thrives all year round.

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