Rain Water Runoff Solutions

Runoff problems? It seems every neighborhood has 1 or 2 properties with serious runoff problems. These areas of bare dirt gather up a momentum of mud every time it rains. The mud ends up on the sidewalk and in the streets and ultimately sewer drains. Why is this happening, can’t something be done? Follow these […]

Basic Lawn Mowing Tips

Plan Your Attack Your dad says the only way to mow a lawn is to trim the edges first, which puts the clippings back into the grass to be mulched by the mower. He’s not wrong, but you can also mow first and then trim, which takes advantage of the mower’s large cutting area to […]

When to Plant Grass Seed

When Is The Right Time? Grass grow fastest when your planting season aligns with the seeds’ natural growth period. Like other kinds of plants in your landscape, plant grass seed are varied in their growth cycles and regional climate preferences. Cooler seasonal grasses like bluegrass, perennial ryegrasses and tall fescues, grow most vigorously during the […]

How to Have a Mosquito Free Pond

Stop their natural habitat and breeding cycles Water is the key ingredient to mosquito life. Adult mosquitoes lay their eggs anywhere they can find still water. Within 48 hours the eggs begin to hatch, and then, depending primarily upon temperature, the larvae evolve into adults within another 4 to 31 days. Follow these steps to have […]