Best 3 Grass Types for North Texas

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Learn about the best 3 grass types for North Texas. Want to give your lawn a fresh look or replace an old patch of grass? Although, choosing the right type of grass for your climate can be challenging, especially in North Texas, with its unique conditions. But don’t worry! As a result of reading this blog, you’ll be well on your way of choosing the best turf for your lawn.

Best 3 Grass Types for North Texas

  • St. Augustine
  • Zoysia
  • Bermuda
st augustine grass
St. Augustine turf

St. Augustine Grass 

To start, this turf is perfect for residential and commercial applications. It is drought resistant and grows well in direct sunlight. Additionally, St. Augustine requires only occasional watering, fertilization, and mowing.

It has a remarkable tolerance for shade, making it a popular choice for lawns with trees or tall shrubs. Moreover, if well-maintained, it can have a similar appearance and feel to a carpet.

Pro: St. Augustine grass can compete well with weeds and pests..

Con: St. Augustine develops fungus disease in heavy shade areas.

Growing season: Spring and Summer

Growth rate: St. Augustine grass has a rapid growth rate

If you need help maintaining your fast growing St. Augustine lawn, contact us today.

Zoysia Grass 

zoysia grass
Zoysia turf

Another great grass type for North Texas is zoysia turf. It is drought tolerant and resistant to insects and fungi. Not only that, but zoysia grass is also shade tolerant. 

Besides that, this turf stays green longer in the winter months. Not to mention, it requires minimal maintenance and is suitable for both sun and shade areas. Additionally, it is also resistant to weeds and needs to be mowed less often.

Pro: Shade, drought, and cold tolerant.

Con: Does not recover quickly from foot traffic.

Growing season: Late spring or Early summer

Growth rate: Zoysia grass is relatively slow-growing compared to other warm-season grasses like bermuda.

If you love the look of zoysia turf, consider getting fresh, sod installed today. You’ll have an instant, lush, green lawn before you know it.

bermuda grass
Bermuda turf

Bermuda Grass 

This grass is a great option for Texas lawns. As the weather gets cooler, bermuda grass may go dormant, but it will bounce back as soon as the temperatures rise again. However, if you have a lot of trees on your lawn, bermuda grass will not perform very well in shaded areas.

Also, bermuda comes in many different types, which makes it very suitable for the different climates of the state. Although this grass can also support most soil types, it does best in thick, sandy soils.

Pro: Bermuda grass is one of the easiest grasses to grow. 

Con: Does not do well in shaded areas.

Growing season: Late spring

Growth rate: growth rate of Bermuda grass is quite aggressive as it quickly spreads above and below ground.

For more information about bermuda grass, check out some helpful information published by Texas A&M University.

Identify the grass type in your yard in North Texas

Furthermore, to identify the grass types in your yard in North Texas, you need to look at the characteristics of the grass such as:

  • The blade shape of grass
  • Color of the grass
  • The texture of the grass.

Common grass types in North Texas includes: Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine

  1. Bermuda grass has a fine texture and a bright green color. Its blades are short and flat.
  2. Zoysia grass has a medium texture with a light to medium green color. Its blades are narrow and pointed.
  3. St. Augustine grass has a coarse texture and a dark blueish-green color. Its blades are boat-shaped tips.

Another way to identify the grass types in your yard is to consult a local nursery or lawn care professional. They will help you to identify the grass types. To tell the truth, you can’t go wrong with any of these grass types in Texas.

Lawn fertilization is an important part of having a healthy lawn. Check out our lawn fertilization page for more information. 

landscaped front yardWrapping up the best 3 grass types for North Texas

Finally, no matter what type of grass you choose, keeping it healthy should be one of the main concerns. However, keeping up with maintenance is a challenging task.

However, whether you need lawn mowing, shrub and bed maintenance, or diligent fertilization and weed control, the experts at JC’s Landscaping are here to help. Call us today to make your lawn look great.


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