Fall Leaf Clean Up Tools


fall leaf clean up tools

The fall season will soon arrive and that means the leaves begin to change colors to a vibrant orange and yellow.  These beautiful colors highlight many yards throughout the land and offer a small window into staring at the beautiful foliage.

The second part to fall is the, “fall” part of the season.  All those colorful leaves begin to fall, thus most trees fall into a dormant state, awaiting the cold winter and then spring to wake up and renew its green leaves.  Now the fun part begins, leaves can be fun to play in with your kids. All those leaves have fallen, leaving behind a sizable mess sprawled out across your yard. If you have one tree it may not be too significant in volume, but if you have several trees then you could have a very large amount of leaves to clean up.  Fall leaf clean up tools are perfect to help you tackle all those leaves.

Collecting Leaves

The 1st step is to gather the layers and small mountain of leaves. So naturally to first tool to use is going to be a rake.  Rakes have evolved from the standard multi prong, flat, fork like tool attached to a long stick.

  • Now you have special hand rakes that you can use like large gloves and gather leaves in much higher volumes.
  • Leaf blowers are a common tool for commercial companies that need to blow away the leaves, or blown them into a large pile.  Leaf blowers can get the job done quickly.
  • Special leaf bags that hold a cylindrical shape to easily rake leaves into the bag.
  • Large tarps can be laid out to rake or blow the leaves into piles and you just tie up the corners of the tarp to turn it into a super large bag to haul off the leaves.

Leaf Disposal

Once the leaves are gathered and ready to be disposed of, you have a few options to choose from for Fall leaf clean up tools.

  • Bag the leaves and leave curb side for your local waste company to come by and collect them.
  • An quick method to dispose of excess leaves is the use a leaf mulcher. shown to the right.  Through suction will intake the leaves and mulches them out to a 10 gallon bag.
  • Portable leaf mulchers work nicely by dumping leaves into the mulcher and storing mulched leaves into paper or plastic bags.
  • Compost bins are a great way to dispose of leaves.  Fresh compost is great for your gardens and to use as soil amendments.  Be sure to not use leaves that have become moldy. Moldy leaves in compost can spread fungal disease and promote weed growth.
  • Take the mulch and use for your garden beds and trees beds.  Leaf mulch breaks down very quickly and can even be spread across your lawn.

The fall season is festive time of the year that leads into the colder holiday season, but this can also leave your lawn very messy looking if you don’t dispose of your leaves in a timely manner.  Leaves left out in the winter can become moldy. Come spring time the leaves become wet and mushy, thus making clean up a bit more difficult to complete.

Lawn professionals are available to assist you with your Fall leaf clean up, and other services to keep you lawn, gardens, and home looking great year round!


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