How to Make Grass Green in Summer

how to make grass green in summer

Summer is the time when homeowners want to enjoy their lush, green lawns. However, the hot and dry weather conditions take a toll on even the healthiest of lawns.

Maintaining a green lawn in the summer requires a combination of proper watering, fertilizing, and maintenance techniques. In this article, we will guide you through how to effectively make grass green in the summer.

Proper Watering

water grass in summer
Water deeply and infrequently.

Proper watering is key to keeping your lawn green during the summer months. It’s important to water your lawn deeply and infrequently rather than frequently and shallowly.

This technique encourages deeper roots, making your lawn more drought-resistant. Water your lawn early in the morning before sunrise to avoid evaporation and ensure the water has time to soak into the soil. A weekly soak of one to two inches of water is generally ideal.

Read this pdf published by Texas A&M and learn how much to water your lawn.



Fertilizing your lawn is essential for maintaining healthy green grass during the summer. Fertilizer provides your lawn with the necessary nutrients to grow and remain healthy.

It’s best to fertilize at the start of the growing season, typically at the beginning of summer, and again towards the end of summer. Use a slow-release fertilizer with high nitrogen content to promote green growth and avoid burning your lawn.

Let us come out and analyze your lawn. We will know which lawn fertilization products are right for your lawn. Head over to our lawn fertilization service page for details.

how to take care of your lawn in summer
Mow consistently, but keep grass blades longer.

Maintenance Techniques

Maintaining your lawn is more than just watering and fertilizing. Good maintenance techniques are necessary for healthy grass growth. Follow simple steps for lawn care and you’ll be all set.

Mow your lawn at the right height for your grass type, ensuring it’s not too short. This will damage your lawn and leave it vulnerable to disease. Consider leaving the grass clippings on your lawn as they break down. They provide natural nutrients to your lawn.

Aeration is also an essential maintenance technique for a green lawn. Aerating removes small plugs of soil from your lawn, reducing soil compaction and allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the root zone. Aerate your lawn at least once a year anytime from late spring through  early summer to keep your lawn healthy and green.

Leave the hard work to us. We would love to take over your lawn maintenance for you.

Watch for Pests and Disease

white grub worm

Pests and diseases can damage your lawn, making it difficult to maintain a vibrant green appearance. Watch out for lawn pests such as grubs, which damage grass roots.

Apply suitable lawn pest control if necessary. Look out for signs of disease such as discolored or dead patches of grass and treat accordingly.

If you notice any pests or diseases invading your lawn, don’t fret. We can help you with weed control right away.


A green lawn in the summer takes effort and the right maintenance techniques to achieve. Proper watering, fertilizing, and maintenance techniques help maintain a healthy, green lawn throughout the summer.

Proper lawn care techniques also minimize the potential for disease and pests to take hold of your lawn. With proper care, you will have a beautiful, green lawn all summer long.

M Valdivia

M Valdivia

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