Lawn Mower Lift for Fixing Your Machine

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Green grass and getting it mowed

You might think all it takes is a buggy looking contraption with an engine and a hot day, but there are techniques and methods to doing the job right. Take this video here and get some quick advice from a professional in the business.

A few basics when it comes to giving your garden a haircut include alternating your mowing lawn route. If you cut the same way and angle every time it will start creating stripes in the grass. Eventually, the regrowth will be irregular and different lengths all-round the year. Also, mow early morning. Not crazy before the sun early, but after the dew has dried and the birds start waking.

Don’t rush, it isn’t the world’s most enjoyable job I’ll give you that. But rather have it done right the first time, than having to redo it a second time.

Neaten edges and hedges, and keep them at a reasonable length. You’re just trimming and keeping it neat and tidy. Deep roots need to develop and constantly promote growth. This will also help stop weeds from developing.

5 Tips for Lawnmower maintenance

Manual. Read the manual. Yes, it is tedious, but the benefits are well-worth it. The manual usually states how to keep the machine in its optimal state.

Petrol. At the end of each session be sure to drain any leftover gas in the tank. It’s been shown that old petrol left in the tank, and topped up with new petrol, is one of the main reasons for the mowers not wanting to start. Use it all or empty the can. Fill with fresh petrol next time again. This will ensure the longevity of your mower.

Oil. Check there is no debris in your oil, if there is drain it, sift it and put it back in. If it’s dark in color it could be contaminated, you don’t want this lubricating your machine. Bin it and throw in a fresh batch.

Clean. After you’ve mowed the lawn into pristine condition, be sure to unplug it, take off the spark plug and give it a good scrape with a wire brush and a hose down. Grass clippings get bunched and caked underneath. This potentially cloggs the mowers discharge chute.

Blades. You would think this isn’t a job that needed to be done, but sharpening the blades will have a massive impact on cutting the grass. The blades will cut through the grass like a hot knife through butter. Thus helping you by not having to exert more effort than needed.

Other factors like checking and changing the air filters and spark plugs are also on the list of maintenance, and will only improve your lawn mowing quality of life.

Lawn Mower Lift for Fixing Your Machine
Closeup of lawn mower.

In the event of a breakdown

Your beloved, trusty friend that’s listened to countless stories and moans has retired, given up the ghost, gone. Now what?

Well, old friend, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

The best solution in preventing you from breaking your back is by using a lift for your mower. These are becoming more popular today, but don’t take my word for it. Read the rave reviews about them on amazon and how customers have changed their ways of thinking when it comes to mowing.

It’s not just about ’getting the job done’ anymore, more men are taking big pride in the aesthetics of their lawn and the skills that went into it. Making sure your mower is in its best shape is vital.

Whether you’re using the lift or sharpening the blades, I have one sound advice for the top mower in your family- always wear sunblock when mowing the lawn.

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