What Time of Year Should You Trim Trees and Bushes?

bush and tree trimmingTrees and ornamental shrubs are a fantastic addition to anyone’s landscape. But they do require fairly regular upkeep to keep them healthy and attractive.

It is alright to trim your trees and bushes at any time of year. If you need to trim them to give your home greater curb appeal in order to sell, you can feel good about simply going ahead.

If you want to trim to improve the health of your shrubs and trees, after the leaves have fallen in autumn is the best time. This is also a more comfortable time for you to work, and it is easier to trim trees without leaves.

When you give your bushes and trees a good trimming in the fall, you will see healthy growth,as well as better fruit and flower production in the spring. This is because all the sun, water and nutrients the plant absorbs are actually going into healthy branches and leaves, rather than keeping dying branches on “life support.”

In fact, the growth you see from a good autumn trim may be so abundant that you’ll need to do a spring trimming to get your yard in shape for the summer months. This should be a quick and easy job if you have done a thorough trim in the fall.

No matter when you trim your trees and bushes, always remember to be safe. Wear proper protective gear to prevent injury. Be sure to climb ladders safely and always have someone around to call for help in case of emergency.

Aside from practicing safety, the most critical component to successful trimming is making sure you’ve got the right tool. There are several styles of chainsaws that are specifically designed for easy use by homeowners who aren’t landscaping experts.

But if you don’t already have a trusty tool, how do you ensure that you make a smart choice when purchasing one?

Here are a few key things to consider when you’re shopping for a homeowner chainsaw:

  • Do you want longevity or agility? Wired saws, like any other electrical tool, will last much longer than anything running off a battery. However, a wireless saw provides much more flexibility of movement.
  • How heavy-duty do you need the tool to be? Some saws are designed to cut branches up to 12″ in diameter, whereas others are tailored more for hedge trimming. What you need the chainsaw to do will likely influence the tool’s weight and size.
  • Speaking of power, how quiet do you need the tool to be? Some brands and models are distinctly quieter, which may be optimal if you live in a tightly knit neighborhood with an active HOA.

One thing we know is that:

Chainsaw Larry’s Best Home Chainsaw List is a fantastic resource for making an educated decision. We’re all aware that efficient lawn care routines- and the tools that come along with them- certainly aren’t free. But you deserve to be sure you’re putting your money into the tool that best serves your needs.

And finally, you should always know when to call in a pro! It’s fine for homeowners to tackle jobs like tree and shrub trimming around the yard, but if you have a large tree to fell or some other daunting task, be sure to call an expert! A professional tree and lawn care service can handle big jobs safely, and you may be able to get your insurance company to cover some of the costs. Click here for a free service estimate from LC’S Landscaping, LLC.


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