Little Elm Lawn Services

Great Lawn Care In Little Elm Texas

lawn-services-little-elmJCs Landscaping now offers affordable and reliable lawn services in the Little Elm Texas area.  To keep your lawn looking its best you need to follow a regular and affordable lawn mowing schedule.  JCs Landscaping provides the best lawn care and lawn maintenance service in North Texas.  We have different lawn care programs will benefit your lawn through out the growing season:

  • Mowing is recommended weekly during the growing season. Bi monthly mowing is recommended during summer or periods of drought or water rationing.
  • Trimming your grass too short will dry out the roots, thus resulting in a yellowing or browning of your lawn, and invite weed growth as well as invasive grasses such as crab grass.
  • Keeping your grass too long will retain too much moisture and lead to fungus, mold and or certain types of invasive weeds.

In addition to providing lawn mowing and lawn maintenance, JCs Landscaping offers a variety of services to meet the high standard that a homeowner demands and expects.

  • Stone and rock landscaping – Edging and retaining walls,  walkways and decorative placement.
  • Decorative landscaping – Using decorative grasses and flowering plants. Trimming bushes and shrubs.
  • Outdoor kitchens and fire pits.  Pond less waterfalls, and rain gardens,

We cut no corners and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Residential – Commercial – Acre Lots

JC’s Landscaping can handle commercial properties as well large lots. Lawn and garden cleaning, trimming bushes and shrubs, mulching, creating borders or edging and landscape planning .

Please talk to our experts to learn more about lawn maintenance services in Little Elm Texas.  Give us a call or submit an online quote request.