What is a Spring Cleanup?

what is a spring cleanup?

As the winter frost fades away, and the warmer temperatures of spring begin to emerge, it’s time to give your landscape the attention it deserves after months of hibernation. A spring cleanup is an essential task that helps rejuvenate your outdoor space, preparing it for the vibrant growth and blooming season ahead. In this article, we will explore the various elements that we offer in our spring cleanup service.

Scalping the Grass

Scalping the grass involves cutting it to a shorter height, generally around 1 to 1.5 inches. This process removes the accumulated dead grass and allows sunlight to reach the soil surface, stimulating new growth and preventing thatch buildup.

Smith (n.d.) says scalping is a great cultural practice to help produce a strong, healthier stand of turfgrass when done correctly. 

Aerating the Lawn

aerate in early spring
Get your lawn aerated each year.

Lawn aeration is the process of creating small holes in the soil to alleviate compaction, improve water drainage, and enhance air circulation to the grass roots. This promotes better nutrient absorption and encourages strong root development.

Give your lawn a little extra TLC this spring and get your soil tested. Soil testing tells you the acidity of your soil as well as what the levels of nutrients like, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, manganese, copper, and zinc.

Trimming All Trees and Bushes

Spring is the perfect time to give your trees and bushes a trim, removing dead branches, shaping overgrown areas, and maintaining a neat appearance. Pruning also encourages healthy growth and can prevent potential hazards as trees and bushes continue to flourish. It’s best to prune with a purpose in mind.

what is a spring clean up
Enhance your landscape with flowers.

Planting Colorful Flowers

Nothing adds beauty and vibrancy to your landscape quite like colorful flowers. After the last frost has passed, plant a variety of annuals and perennials that suit your climate and personal preferences. Create stunning flower beds or add some potted plants to brighten up your outdoor space.

Installing Mulch

Mulch not only adds an aesthetic touch to your landscape but also provides numerous benefits. It helps retain moisture in the soil, regulates soil temperature, and suppresses weed growth. Applying a fresh layer of mulch in the spring not only enhances the visual appeal but also aids in moisture conservation and weed control. Read one of our other articles titled, “What Color Mulch Should You Use and Why?”

Applying a Weed and Feed Lawn Fertilization

To encourage healthy and lush growth, it’s important to give your lawn the necessary nutrients. Applying a weed and feed lawn fertilizer in the spring helps eliminate weeds while providing essential nutrients to promote robust grass growth and a vibrant, green lawn throughout the season.

Chalmers & McAfee (n.d.)  make the first application of fertilizer after the second mowing of lawn grass (not weeds). At this time, the grass is actively growing and can readily use applied nitrogen. It is usually about 6 weeks after the average last spring frost date. 

Get a step ahead and set up weekly lawn maintenance services. You won’t regret it.


A spring cleanup is a vital step in revitalizing your landscape after the winter months and preparing it for a season of growth and beauty.

By investing in a spring cleanup service, we will help you create a healthier and more vibrant outdoor space. So, get ready, embrace the warmth of spring, and watch your landscape blossom into a stunning oasis of natural beauty.


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