What to do with Outdoor Potted Plants in Winter

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What to do with outdoor potted plants in winter? Many people enjoy having potted plants as part of their fall and winter decor. There are numerous colorful options to choose from that will liven up your property. The problem is, what to do when temperatures drop below freezing. People want to know how to help their container plants survive the cold weather. Read this blog post for tips on keeping your plants comfortable through the winter season. 

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Considerations Before Selecting a Potted Plant

If you are looking for winter-proofing techniques to protect your outdoor potted plants, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

Step #1: The most important factor is the plant’s location. Think about where you will place your pot. Hopefully, you have options that will allow your plants to get a good amount of sunlight. You will also need a spot where you can move your plants to protect them from strong winds. Perhaps a patio or one side of the house.

Step #2: You also need to think about the type of plant you are picking. Some plants are explicitly bred for cooler climates, while others are not. If you are unsure whether your plant is cold-resistant, do some research online or ask your local garden center for advice. 

Step #3: Once you have chosen the right pot and plant, it’s time to winter-proof them. You need to add some extra layers of protection against the cold weather. 

potted shrubs in winter
Potted evergreens wrapped for warmth.

Preparations Before the Cold Weather Arrives

Now is the time to take some precautionary steps to ensure your outdoor potted plants are winter-proofed and ready for the cold weather.

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  • Add a layer of mulch on top of the soil around your plant. Not only will this help keep the soil warm in the cold weather, but it will also keep the moisture in and conserve nutrients. Make sure to use organic mulch like wood chips, compost, or bark chips so as not to block the natural drainage in your pots. This will help insulate the roots and prevent them from freezing.
  • Bring plants inside if you can. If you have a sunroom, porch, or enclosed patio, this is a great place to store them. If it is not an option, then make sure they are in a sheltered spot where they won’t get rained on or covered in snow.  
  • Place small pots inside larger pots and add insulation. This can be done with bubble wrap, newspapers, or straw. Put the installation in between the two pots.
  • If you aren’t able to nest pots, insulate the outside of your pot. Make sure to wrap the bubble wrap tightly around the pot and tie it off with string.
  • You can also wrap pots and plants in some type of covering, such as a frost cloth, light blanket, or plastic. If you go with plastic, you must remember to remove in the morning. Plastic can heat up quickly and burn plants.
  • Another idea is to dig holes in the ground and place pots inside. This will really protect plants from extreme weather.
  • Finally, give your plants a good amount of water before the weather gets too cold. This will help them withstand freezing temperatures and avoid dehydration.

Winter can be hard for your outdoor potted plants, but following these tips will ensure that they survive the winter months (December, January, and February) in good shape. 

6 Stunning Cold Hardy Plants for North Texas 

  • Dianthus- come in a multitude of colors and are very low-maintenance.
  • Pansies- are actually edible! But besides that, they are great winter plants because they can survive frosts and even some freezes.
  • Ornamental Kale and Cabbage- the colors of ornamental kale and cabbage get more vibrant in cool temperatures.
  • Alyssum- does well in moderately cold climates, but does need lots of sun.
  • Holly- besides being a well-known plant for Christmas time, holly is well-adapted to cold temperatures. 

Wrapping Up

purple potted pansies
Purple pansies in pots.

You can keep your outdoor potted plants healthy and beautiful all winter long with extra care. Following the tips in this blog post, you can be sure your plants are well-protected from the cold weather.

Remember to water your plants regularly, even in the winter. Check the soil before watering to make sure it is not frozen. Keep an eye on the temperature. Avoid extreme changes in temperature if possible. If you take care of your plants now, they will be sure to flourish all winter long. 

When spring arrives, keep JC’s Landscaping in mind for any of your landscaping installation needs. It will be our pleasure to serve you.


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