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Lawn care done right looks easy, however it is more complicated than you would realize. You cannot mow your grass too high or too low because it can lead to lawn disease and weeds. Following a regular lawn mowing schedule will help keep your grass healthy and weed free.

Carrollton Texas Lawn Care Routine

Weekly Mowing Schedule

Following a weekly mowing schedule during the growing season is recommended. Bi monthly mowing is recommended during summer or stretches of drought. Keeping a consistent watering schedule is just as import, but keep in mind that over watering can also lead to fungus and weeds. 1 inch of water per week is the rule of thumb, but the amount can vary based on soil type.

Lawn Trimming

Trimming your lawn too short will dry out the roots and result in a yellowing or browning of your lawn. Not only will this invite weed growth, but also open the door to invasive grasses such as crab grass.

Lawn Maintenance

Keeping your grass too long will retain too much moisture and lead to fungus and or certain types of invasive weeds.

We Do Commercial & Acre Lots

In addition to providing lawn mowing and lawn maintenance for your home, JCs Landscaping offers a variety of services to meet the high standard that a businesses demands and expect. We cut no corners and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

gardening lawn care essentials

Additional Lawn Care Services:

Grass types

Three of best grass type for North Texas are Zoysia, St Augustine and Bermuda.

Weed control

Pre and Post-Emergent treatments for weed control.

Seasonal planting

Planting new flowers and refreshing topsoil.

Visual aesthetics

Keeping mulch fresh and trimming bushes and shrubs to keep a sharp looking landscape.


We will analyze your soil type and provide the best fertilizer based on soil conditions.

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