Carrollton Sod Installation

Transform your lawn instantly with Carrollton Sod Installation Service by JC’s Landscaping.

Get lush, green grass in no time with our expert team handling all your sod installation needs.

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Sod Installation in Carrollton, TX

At JC’s Landscaping, we are dedicated to providing you with the very best value in high quality sod installation.  You can count on a high quality product and service at a reasonable price when you purchase a sod installation plan from us.

Our sod installation process is professional and effective. A Carrollton Sod Installation expert from JC’s Landscaping will examine and evaluate the property to determine the sun/shade mix that your lawn currently gets.

We will review your options and suggest the best sod type(s) for you to have installed. Once you make a decision on the type of sod you would like, we will provide a detailed estimate of what it will cost to have the sod delivered and installed. Next, we will then set a time and date for the job to be completed.

What to Expect on the Day of Your New Sod Installation

We Offer a 30 Day Warranty on Our Sod Installation Process.

There is a 30 day warranty on the grass that we install.  The grass warranty will cover one yard per pallet(3 squares) of sod that is ordered for installation. We offer a 1 year warranty when enrolling in our annual weed control and fertilization plan with grub worm control added for $480/yr ($120/qtr). This also allows us to maintain your new sod properly.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Gerry O.

I contacted JC’s landscaping because I need to build up soil erosion for my foundation. The quote was reasonable, and emails with questions answered promptly. The work was scheduled for a Friday originally but JC’s sent his crew over to do the work early the day before because Friday forecast was rain all day. I appreciate the last minute call to deliver and install a day early, adjusting to the weather on the scheduled day.

David V.

I just had JC's install new sod in my front yard and they did a great job. They prepped the yard and graded the soil for drainage before installing the sod. They also insured the sprinkler system was in good working order. The sod looks great and the installers were quick and professional. On top of that, the office has great communication. With other contractors sometimes you have issues getting answers, but JC's was always quick to respond to my emails and questions.

Maria M.

Our yard was garbage before JC's Landscaping fixed it up. Now I just want to walk around barefoot in my beautiful yard. JC's Landscaping picked sod that was right for us and worked quickly to get it installed. They provided great service every step of the way and were responsive to my questions. The pricing was reasonable, too. We are so pleased with the product and service from start to finish!

More Services in Carrollton, TX

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