Lawn Maintenance

JC’s Landscaping is a North Texas leader in a variety of lawn care services to meet all your yard needs in a complete solution. Our lawn care specialists will mow your lawn to perfection.

For the areas our mowers can’t reach, we will edge around bushes, trees, flower beds and anything else we need to. Your sidewalks and patios will be blown clean. We guarantee 100% satisfaction every time we service your home. 

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining your lawn care needs on a weekly basis will both enhance the appearance of your property and keep the H.O.A off your back.

We offer weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing, edging & cleanup.  It’s better to mow as often as needed, for the health of the grass.  Keeping your grass roots strong helps to prevent weeds.

We service all of North DFW with quality lawn maintenance and service. All of our staff members are extensively trained and we only use quality products and equipment.

When you’re looking for a professional lawn mowing and lawn treatment expert in North Dallas, rely on the services by JC’s Landscaping. Being in the business since 1997 gives us the confidence to call ourselves a full-service company for all your lawn care needs.

Whether you are looking for simple lawn mowing or a team of highly creative individuals to revamp the lawn at your home, commercial space, or hotel, JC’s Landscaping team will exceed your expectations.


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Benefits of Regular Lawn Maintenance

Why Should You Hire a Professional

The biggest benefit to hiring a professional landscaping company is the time and money it saves you. Trust us, the time it takes to mow, edge, and blow is better spent with family and friends.

And, that’s not counting the time it takes to fertilize and control weeds. If you let your lawn get out of control, you will definitely spend more money trying to rejuvenate it.

Let JC’s Landscaping do the hard work for you. We’ll put your mind at ease and keep your lawn healthy and looking great all year long.

Why Hire Us?

Why Should I Keep Up With Lawn Maintenance

A green, lush lawn your curb appeal as well as the property value of your house. A well-trimmed, weed-free, green lawn just looks good.

Grass also keeps areas cooler. It evaporates the heat away. Grass areas will be substantially cooler than concrete surfaces. This will lower your electricity costs.

Lawns with grass are providing habitats for wildlife and through the process of photosynthesis, grass is emitting oxygen. A nice, vibrant carpet of grass is an enjoyable place for kids and pets to play.

What Our Customers Say

Sergio P.

"I signed up for JC’s lawn mowing service and it’s been the easiest year with any lawn service since I moved into my house 10+ years ago. They’ve taken care of everything in terms of being on schedule, cleaning up after themselves, and even being careful when mowing around my garden plants. An extra bonus is they use a very professional billing site that records every single time you get service done including the date, the cost, and the name of the guy that does the service. It even has a ticketing service. I enjoy the digital experience they embed into their service that you simply don't see in many other lawn service companies."

Robert S.

"We brought in JC Landscaping after the winter freeze destroyed most of our plants and they were very timely and reasonable. Based on their performance we hired them to do our annual mowing and yard, bed and grass maintenance. We also had them extend our fence and trim our trees. Wonderful one stop for yard services. Reasonable, responsive and professional. We highly recommend their services."

David H

"This is my first season with JC's Landscaping. They have been very dependable and consistent on my mowing day. The cost of their services is very competitive. They kept up with the right grass height all season and their work was excellent. I recommend JC's Landscaping to anyone desiring good work for a reasonable price."

Other Services

Lawn Fertilization

Depending on the season, your grass type and lawn condition; pre-emergent, weed and feed, turf builders, or a winterizer is needed to promote a healthier/thicker lawn with minimal or no weeds.

Lawn Aeration Service

Here at JC’s Landscaping we use a form of aeration called core aeration. What is Core Aeration? Core Aeration is the process of mechanically removing cores of hardened soil, thatch, and grass from a lawn.

Weed Control

If your lawn is full of weeds, don’t make the mistake of focusing just on killing them. You need to nurture healthy grass that can overtake the weedy areas.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

JC’s Landscaping provides a variety of landscaping services to meet your needs for lawn care in the DFW Metroplex.