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Lewisville, Texas Lawn Maintenance

Mowing to the Right Height

Trimming your lawn too short will dry out the roots and result in a yellowing or browning of the blades. Not only will this invite weed growth, but it also opens the door to invasive grasses such as crab grass.

Keeping your grass too long will retain too much moisture, which leaves it vulnerable to fungus and invasive weeds. Based on your lawn's specific turf type, we will make sure it's kept at an optimal length to keep your grass bed robust.

Weekly and Bi-Monthly Mowing Schedules

Following a weekly mowing schedule during your lawn's active growth season is recommended. Bi-monthly mowing is recommended during the summer or in stretches of drought.

Keeping a Balanced Watering Schedule

Keeping a consistent watering schedule is just as import, but keep in mind that over-watering can also lead to fungus and weeds. 1 inch of water per week is the rule of thumb, but the amount can vary based on soil and grass types. Do you know what your lawn needs? We do!

We Also Do Commercial & Acre Lots

In addition to providing lawn mowing and lawn maintenance for your home, JC’s Landscaping offers a variety of services to meet the high standard that a business demands and expects in maintaining attractive grounds. We cut no corners and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

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Other Lewisville Services

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Lewisville Landscaping Service

Transform your outdoor space into a breathtaking paradise with our expert landscaping service in Lewisville, TX.

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Lewisville Sod Installation

Revitalize your lawn with our top-rated sod installation service in Lewisville and enjoy a lush, vibrant lawn all year long..

Additional Lawn Care Services:

Lawn Aeration

Improves soil compaction and allows nutrients to reach the grassroots.

Weed control

Pre- and Post-Emergent treatments for weed control.

Visual aesthetics

Keeping mulch fresh and trimming shrubs to keep a sharp-looking landscape.

Planting Trees and Bushes

Planting new flowers and refreshing topsoil.

Lawn Fertilization Treatments

We will analyze your soil type and provide the best fertilizer.

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