Melissa Texas Lawn Care

JC’s Landscaping has been offering lawn mowing services for over 17 years in North Texas area.

We have seen the growing community and now offer lawn services in Melissa Texas and surrounding areas.

Residential – Commercial – Acre Lots

Mowing your lawn is never a chore when you have a professional take care of it for you.

We have all the necessary mowing equipment such as trimmers, power mowers, edgers, and different rakes to keep your lawn looking beautiful all year. Our lawn experts in Melissa Texas will perform a thorough analysis of your lawn to start with a lawn mowing and maintenance program. Our lawn care team has an understanding of

Grass Types

Three of best grass type for North Texas are Zoysia, St Augustine and Bermuda.


We will analyze your soil type and provide the best fertilizer based on soil conditions.

Weed Control

Pre and Post-Emergant treatments for weed control.

Seasonal Plants

Planting new flowers and refreshing topsoil.

Design Aesthetics

Keeping mulch fresh and trimming bushes and shrubs to keep a sharp looking landscape.

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JC’s Landscaping can also handle commercial properties as well as large acre lots.

To learn more about lawn services in Melissa Texas, Please talk to our experts.  Give us a call or submit an online quote request.