Weed Control Service

If your lawn is full of weeds, don’t make the mistake of focusing just on killing them. You need to nurture healthy grass that can overtake the weedy areas. The key to no weeds, is strong grass roots.

hand-pull weeds

Weed Control

Controlling the weeds and grass that grow in your lawn and flower beds will allow for more nutrients to enter the root system of the existing vegetation, thus inducing growth and color. Controlling the weeds in the lawn itself will allow for a more even growth and thicker grass. 

Weed control is about 3 simple things:

Lawn Maintenance

Keeping your lawn cut regularly is not only about making it look good. It needs to stay a short length to ensure healthy grass roots and no weeds.

Lawn Watering

It’s important to keep a regular watering schedule because healthy grass roots will push out weeds, keeping them from growing.

Lawn Fertilization

During the extreme Texas seasons, your grass will deplete the nutrients in the soil and fertilization will help feed and replenish those nutrients.

Benefits of Regular Lawn Maintenance

Why Should You Hire a Professional

The reason you should hire a professional to treat your lawn for weeds is because of their expertise. Professional landscapers know which products to use and when to use them. They know which products are safe to use around kids and pets and they know exactly how long to tell you to stay off your lawn after herbicide application.

Why Choose Us?

You should choose JC’s Landscaping for your weed control needs because lawn care and landscaping is our passion. We have been in this industry for over 20 years and we know what we are doing. We will treat your lawn as if it is our own. We stand behind our team and our products. You will get the best of everything when you hire JC’s Landscaping.

Other Services We Offer

Sod Installation Service

JC’s Landscaping provides a variety of landscaping services as a total solution to lawn care for North Texas. Our sod installation is guaranteed to be weed and pest free.

Lawn Aeration Service

Here at JC’s Landscaping we use a form of aeration called core aeration. What is Core Aeration? Core Aeration is the process of mechanically removing cores of hardened soil, thatch, and grass from a lawn.

Lawn Maintenance

JC’s Landscaping is a North Texas leader in a variety of lawn care services to meet all your yard needs in a complete solution. Our lawn care specialists will mow your lawn to perfection.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

JC’s Landscaping provides a variety of landscaping services to meet your needs for lawn care in the DFW Metroplex.