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pre-emergent herbicide

pre-emergent herbicideWeed problems driving you crazy? Familiarize yourself with the effective pre-emergent herbicides we’ve listed below!

Also called crabgrass preventers, pre-emergent herbicides are chemicals known to prevent any undesirable weed problems, such as foothold, from giving you a severe headache in the future.

Timing is the most critical aspect of application, since herbicides work differently from one another. It is also important to know the type of weed you’re trying to prevent, in order to achieve optimal results. Be sure you research the growth patterns of the weeds you’re combating, and choose a pre-emergent herbicide that will effectively eradicate them before they get a chance to break soil.

Pre-emergent herbicides are applied to large fields with the use of an airplane crop sprayer or tractor drew spray rig. They can be applied to smaller residential lawns via sprayers for liquid solutions, and by use of broadcasters for granulated products. The purpose of using them is to control the emergence and maturation of weeds that are dormant and/or have not yet germinated.

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Without further ado, here are pre-emergent herbicides you may wish to buy for your lawn.


This product is mostly used in gardens and flower beds. Trifluralin can also be applied to nursery crops, soybeans, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and cotton. It is known to be toxic to grassy and broad-leaved weeds.


This is the only pre-emergent that effectively kills foxtail, barnyard grass, crabgrass, and any other weedy annual grasses. Although, it is not recommended to use on bermuda grass or broad-leaved weeds (e.g. dandelions).


While it is a weak grass killer, Isoxaben can inhibit bittercress, chickweed, henbit, and other broad-leaf weeds. It is also somewhat effective in controlling perennial weeds such as white clover and dandelions.


This one is definitely an excellent pre-emergent herbicide if you wish to control crabgrass, remove small crabgrass plants, and kill an extensive range of broad-leaf weeds.


This product is mainly used for controlling annual grasses in clover, turf, alfalfa, and a few vegetables. As with some other pre-emergents, Benefin may not be a option for broad-leaved weeds.


This is extremely useful on annual grasses, broad-leaf weeds, and crabgrass. Although, one drawback is that you need to wait at least four months before reseeding. Pendimenthilin is frequently used for tobacco fields, potatoes, soybean, corn, and cotton. It is considered both a pre- and post-emergent herbicide.

The Benefits of Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Perhaps you’ve been spraying weed killers on a constant basis, only to get frustrated all over again when they don’t work as expected. Situations like this can feel like you’re losing the battle. This is where the use of pre-emergent herbicides should be taken into consideration.

The first benefit is that, most often, the weed is removed permanently. This means you don’t have to put down new mulch or soil to  extinguish further weed growth. Pre-emergents prevent regrowth by killing the roots and seeds. Moreover, you can deal more easily with the remaining weeds that survived the herbicide, as they will be few and far between.

Last on the list of the pre-emergent advantage is the possibility of decreasing the frequency of herbicide application in subsequent seasons, after the initial round(s) of treatment. This will ultimately depend on your specific situation, but pre-emergents are likely to reduce weed growth from one season to the next in the majority of lawns.

Similar to most plant chemicals, both the weather and the weed types play an imperative role in the application and efficacy of pre-emergent herbicides. Apply them during fall if you’re using them for winter annuals. On the other hand, as summer annuals germinate during the spring season, hence, this is when you would treat your yard.


Pre-emergent herbicides are a fantastic choice for preventive, long-term weed control. With the use of the right product, you can stay a step ahead of invasive plants throughout the year.

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