How a Birdhouse Can Attract Birds and Brighten Your Garden

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Birds, like all creatures in the world, play a significant role in the food chain. They are not just beautiful and cute, yet their existence is essential for many other things. On this page, you can see some surprising facts about these flying animals.

For example, you may not have known that these animals can be of great help to people who have gardens or grow flowers. Flying creatures transmit pollen and support fertilization. Also, they destroy bugs and larvae that can endanger the plant world.

If you have a spacious and beautifully landscaped yard, all you need is tweeting birds to make the experience complete. Small feathered creatures can be beneficial in maintaining the beauty of your garden. It is up to you to provide them with comfortable accommodation and invite them to consider your yard as their home.

Why Birds Need Shelter

How a Birdhouse Can Attract Birds and Brighten Your Garden
Decorative birdhouse.

Urban settlements are not an ecosystem in which birds are accustomed to living. Yet some species have been ‘forced’ into city life and adapted to it. Birds that live in populated areas are generally smaller, and even a tiny, hidden place can serve as a shelter.

Birds need shelter to be able to hide from predators. In urban areas, cats and rats usually lurk on tiny feathered creatures. In wild and rural areas, any larger animal is a threat. A shelter set up in a safe place will protect birds from attack.

These tiny animals need a warm and comfortable place where they will make their nest and raise their young. Due to the urbanization and destruction of their natural habitats, there are fewer natural nesting sites for birds. That is why these little creatures rely on human-made structures.

The roof over their heads will protect birds from the bad weather and extreme temperatures. Birds have a specific thermoregulatory system. Even the slightest protection from wind and cold can help them keep the body temperature.

Natural Shelters

When living freely in the wild, birds have the freedom to find a shelter that suits them. These are most often tall branches, hollow trees, tall grass, or places in rocks. Small feathered creatures are not overly territorially oriented. They will ‘move’ as soon as they find a better place or feel threatened.

If you have dense shrubs, tall grass, or a fallen, hollow trunk in your yard or garden, these are places where birds can settle. You don’t have to change anything further; let your feathered friends ‘arrange’ their new homes. Once you hear a cheerful twitter, be assured that they have settled there somewhere.

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Improvised Bird Shelter

In order to attract birds to your yard, you need to provide them with a space that will be theirs alone. These creatures are not fond of people, so don’t think that they will happily fly around when they notice you nearby. They just want to be safe, which means they are settled at a height or anywhere shielded from danger.

The underside of a deck, barns, shed, garage, or any covered and sheltered place, will do. Just make sure to leave an opening big enough, so the birds know where to go. Eventually, you can leave some food there, to let these little creatures know they are welcome.

Arrange a few places in the yard where you want the birds to settle. In your neighborhood, you’ve probably seen various species of these flying animals – sparrows, woodpeckers, starlings, and so on. So make several improvised homes for different birdies all around your backyard. 

Given that birds are accustomed to living and functioning in flocks, they will surely be pleased if they have a friendly ‘neighborhood.’ And the ambiance will be better, especially when you hear different tweets at the same time.

Pile of Branches

If you don’t have buildings in your yard that can serve as improvised bird homes, you can throw a bunch of cut branches in one corner of the garden. In fact, you are making something like a big nest, so you can expect many birdies to move in there. 

Keep in mind that the branches will soon start rot, so this is not a lasting solution. Still, this improvised shelter will do until you figure out another way to attract feathered creatures to your backyard. Just make sure to brush piles away from open flame and inflammable things. 

Make a Birdhouse

In case you don’t have too spacious a yard or don’t grow shrubs or long, ornamental grass in it, the solution is to make or buy a birdhouse. Ready-made boxes can be purchased at furniture stores or ordered online. You can have fun making a bird house for your garden if you have some spare time.

Making a birdhouse can be an enjoyable DIY project that you can do together with your family. Especially kids will enjoy it. That’s an activity you can engage in during your free time and doesn’t require too much effort, resources, and knowledge.

The house you make doesn’t have to be complicated. The birds are not picky, and they will be satisfied with a simple box with an opening. It is crucial to place it in a safe place so that cats or some rodents would not endanger them. 

Be Creative

If, on the other hand, you have talent and skills in material processing, you can be creative and design a tiny mansion for your feathered friends. You can add some additional features to attract birds and to make their new living place an excellent accessory to your garden decor.

For example, you can provide feeding and bathing places. You can buy feeders, or simply leave food on the porch of the birdhouse on a regular basis. Make sure to inspect and clean the feeders once in a while. Also, you should sterilize feeders from time to time to prevent the spreading of avian diseases.

A water source and birdbaths will especially attract these animals during the summer when the temperatures are very high. They enjoy swimming, and if the bathing place is close to a shelter, once they make sure they are safe, you got new residents in the yard.

People often forget how vital birds are for the Earth and its inhabitants. In addition to being useful in many ways, the survival of these tiny animals is endangered. Without birds, the natural order won’t be the same, and that’s not good. Therefore, make them a house and provide a place where they will live safely. In return, these feathered creatures will enrich your garden and give you a sight to enjoy.

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