Three Must-Have Gardening Accessories


gardeningHave you recently started your own garden? Most beginner gardeners invest in various tools without considering the need of getting gardening accessories. These accessories are as important as tools due to their role in protecting gardeners’ hands, feet, and clothes while working. 

Every aspiring gardener is expected to invest in a high-quality gardening apron, gloves, and boots. These items will keep your hands safe, your clothes clean, and your feet dry. 

Learn more about the three must-have accessories for gardeners.

Gardening Apron

A gardening apron is considered essential by anyone fond of starting a garden. Both hobbyists and professional gardeners wear a gardening apron to store their tools and keep their clothes clean. These aprons are supposed to be made from highly durable materials to prevent getting torn when storing sharp tools like shears. Therefore, gardeners prefer models made from thick materials such as cotton and denim, which are hard-wearing and breathable.

Moreover, these aprons come with a different number of pockets for keeping tools always organized and handy. The pockets should be deep in order to fit tools of various sizes. Regarding the number of pockets, aprons with a minimum of five pockets are the handiest for gardeners, as they can store not only tools but their mobile and sunscreen as well. 

Gardeners are provided with a choice of full and half aprons, the former of which are more preferred due to better protection of the clothes. Regardless of the model you choose, the apron should be adjustable in order to fit you perfectly. Unless aprons are adjustable, individuals will not be able to wear them in winter over thick sweaters. 

Ultimately, this type of aprons should be convenient when it comes to washing. These get dirty, muddy, and stained every time one spends time in the garden. Hence, their materials should be machine washable in order to remove stains and mud effectively. 

Gardening Gloves

gardening glovesGardening gloves are another must-have accessory for gardeners spending a significant amount of time in their gardens. Gloves are vital for the protection of one’s hands against the soil, tools, and injuries caused by plants. 

In order for such gloves to be functional and comfortable to wear, they are supposed to be of the right fit. Unlike regular gloves, these should be neither too loose nor too snug in order to move your fingers comfortably. Unisex gloves are not recommended to female gardeners because of their large size. Click here for some practical tips about purchasing gardening gloves. 

Depending on the type of activities one performs in the garden, there are gloves available in a variety of materials. For instance, leather models are suitable for performing heavy-duty tasks, such as working with thorny plants, digging, or moving rocks. 

Furthermore, cotton gloves are ideal to be worn in the course of the summer period owing to their breathability. Nevertheless, these provide low protection against plants with thorns and sharp tools. In contrast, rubber gloves are most practical when it comes to removing debris. Also, these models provide the best grip. 

Waterproof gloves prevent gardeners’ hands from getting wet when watering or working in wet weather conditions. Nevertheless, these aren’t exactly protective against thorns and tool sharpness. 

Gardening Boots

These boots are a must-have accessory for hobbyist and professional gardeners, designed to keep their feet warm, dry, and secure. This type of footwear reduces the risk of slipping and getting severely injured. 

As far as the material is concerned, rubber boots are the most sought-after variant due to their waterproofness and longevity. Neoprene is another common choice of material, which offers better ventilation but lower water resistance. The following link,, includes some helpful tips for choosing gardening shoes. 

Apart from boots, gardeners can choose from a variety of gardening shoes and clogs. Even though shoes provide secure fit and grip, these are not suitable to wear in muddy areas due to the absence of protection in the lower-leg area. Conversely, clogs are the most convenient to slip on and off, but these are not appropriate for heavy-duty tasks such as mowing or digging. 

Final Word

These accessories provide excellent protection at a low price. 

Keep safe and clean when working in your garden!

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