What Maintenance Techniques Are a Must with Biltright Turf

biltright synthetic turf maintenance

More homeowners are choosing to replace the natural grass in their gardens with synthetic turf. The option offers a constant with appeal and appearance, lower maintenance, and is healthier, particularly for allergy sufferers. The product still requires care and upkeep to promote the material’s longevity, albeit on a much more minimal, simplistic, and unique level. 

High-quality synthetic turf installation offered by Biltright Turf is free of mowing, weeding, reseeding, fertilizing, and the pesticides seen with a conventional lawn. The long weekends spent laboring over the landscape will be a thing of the past when replacing it with an artificial grass.

The wear and tear come in the abuses of weather conditions and heavily trafficked areas. “Artificial” doesn’t intend to imply a lack of attention or time with the product. 

Let’s take some time to review the maintenance methods used with synthetic grass.

synthetic turf install and maintenanceWhat Maintenance Techniques Are a Must with Artificial Turf

When installing artificial grass like Biltright Turf, the garden will become a source of constant appeal and beauty with minimal maintenance and optimum healthfulness, especially for those with seasonal allergies. That’s not implying that you can “lay it and forget it.”

Learn tips for installing artificial turf at https://www.familyhandyman.com/article/tips-for-installing-artificial-turf-grass/. As with any system or product within the household, it will require care and upkeep to extend its longevity, albeit a different sort of maintenance than a conventional lawn will require. 

Synthetic turf faces heavy traffic, weather conditions, potential staining, and issues that have the capacity to upset the material’s appearance and the feel of the grass. Check the care and upkeep that can resolve the problems to enjoy the full lifespan.

 A garden sees a lot of traffic, whether entertaining, playing, potty training with fur babies, enjoying kids, or just relaxing with a favorite drink and a good book. In any event, there are bound to be the occasional accident, injury, or animal deposit, each of which can leave stains with the synthetic materials.

The care and cleaning boast of being relatively straightforward and simplistic but needs to be acted on quickly to avoid a more stubborn result. The steps to follow:

  1. Use a kitty litter or a towel to blot the spill or stain, and then rinse the spot with a mild soap and water blend. You can use a combination of “3% ammonia with water” if something stronger is warranted. Exceptionally tough stains like “grease, motor oil, or other oils, inks, and crayons, will likely need mineral spirits. Dry ice is usually effective with gum or tree sap, followed by scraping the remnants off.
  1. The areas should then be thoroughly rinsed. The water will drain with adequately installed artificial turf.
  • Handling Pet Deposits

The garden is the area furry companions call their potty. The suggestion is these deposits are relatively easy to clean up. 

  1. Solid waste should reach a dry state before attempting to pull it from the fibers.
  2. When the grass becomes wet or moist, the liquid will drain. When your pup urinates, you should use soapy water to clean the area to avoid odor and staining.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid hazards by keeping fireworks, cigarettes, and harsh chemicals away from the lawn. Go here for guidance on how to use a turf lawn.

The suggestion is a quality artificial turf can last as long as 25 years when adequately cared for and based on usage. Homeowners will need to clear away any debris, rinse routinely, and brush to loosen the fibers from matting to extend the lifespan.

  • Keeping the lawn appealing in appearance and cleanliness

When engaging in care and upkeep, only a few supplies are necessary, including a garden, a leaf vacuum/blower, rake. 

It’s recommended to rinse the garden thoroughly periodically. It’s less of a priority in areas where rain is frequent, but it is still beneficial to take this step. The water will drain. 

Fallen leaves and other debris needs to be removed from the surface before they become ground into the material. If using a rake, it is essential to get one with plastic or synthetic bristles instead of metals to avoid damage. 

The indication is the care and upkeep should be handled at least monthly but weekly if the yard is used heavily with minimal effort.

  1. Debris must be removed to deter damage, especially if a storm involves high winds. 
  2. The synthetic grass should be rinsed routinely with cool, fresh water using a garden hose to clear pollen and dust. This can be done much less frequently in areas where rain is prevalent.
  3. The grass must be brushed where heavy traffic occurs using an “against-the-grain technique” to avoid matting. The grass will remain standing in peaks when maintaining this routine.

When investing in any good or service for the household, adequate care and upkeep will be necessary. When it’s a high-quality product like Biltright Turf, it will require minimal effort, but it will still need looking after to extend longevity to its fullest lifespan. 

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