Autumn Landscaping Project Ideas

The Autumn season signifies, cooler weather and start of the holiday seasons.  We have survived the summer heat and the kids are back in school.  This means the weekend becomes a target to focus on family and relaxing.  Here are few autumn landscaping project ideas.

For many families, a back yard is a must for family gatherings and getting together for some quality time. There are quite a few things that can be added to your landscape to increase the backyard enjoyment during the cooler autumn weather.

Fire Pits

To start of with a simple add to any landscape is a fire pit.  Building a fire pit is a relative easy  and inexpensive task to accomplish You can check out how to build your own fire pit here,

Fire pits are great for easy barbecue and marsh mellow roasting.  Also just to sit around those really cool nights telling stories while drink a beer or your favorite wine.

A nice patch of grass would make for great picnic or night out camping with the kids.  Be sure to keep your lawn mowed when throwing down those sleeping bags.

Outdoor Kitchens

Keeping a small outdoor kitchen under your patio is a great way to serve your family and guest without having to keep running in and out of your home. Some out kitchens can cost several thousand dollars, but some DIY outdoor kitchens can cost as little as a few hundred dollars.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Many times we like to go to restaurants and sit outside on or in the patio area.  Cool weather in combination with music playing or watching a football game.  The benefits also include keeping and eye your kids playing in the backyard, as well as having quiet place to relax if you so desire.

  • Outdoor Patio Furniture – Modern patio furniture has evolved significantly over the years.  Comfort, quality and price.  Most furniture sets cost less than 400.00
  • Now a days many homes have television outside under a patio.  Wall mounts and protective weather covers keep you electronics safe.
  • Outdoor Stereo and Speakers.  There are a wide variety of outdoor speakers and audio options for outdoors.  Bluetooth speakers and wireless audio

Most of these items can be purchased for for less than 1000.00 combined.  All you will need is a good extension cord to run outdoors, and when your done just roll it back up.  No extra wiring required, unless you want to go all out and wow the neighbors with a custom build outdoor living area or kitchen.

Outdoor lighting

Good lighting is must for outdoor entertainment.  In October the nights will start earlier and thus  the needs for good lighting.    Thanks to LED lighting you can get a whole lot of lights for little money. Not only to accent your plants and pathways, but also around your yard.  These light also enhance the security of you home and perimeter.

The autumn season will be gone before you know it, but if you live in warmer climates along the southern United States then you would see some use during the winter months as well.

Don’t wait too long and miss the cool nights outdoors during this Autumn season.


2 thoughts on “Autumn Landscaping Project Ideas

  1. Oh, I love this! I’ve been wanting a fire pit for ages, and they seem awfully expensive, but with some of these ideas it looks like I’d be able to afford both a fire pit and a little outdoor kitchen. We aren’t really comfortable grilling outside in the summer because it’s so very hot; our cooking outdoors doesn’t really start until things start to cool off a little, so I love, love, love these ideas!

    Can’t wait to get started!

  2. A fire pit is an absolute must for the fall! I mean, they’re fun enough as it is in the summertime, but once it starts getting chilly outside there’s nothing better than sitting around a fire to stay warm and having a good time with your friends. Reminds me of when I was a kid during the fall, running around in the yard playing tag or whatever, and then huddling around the fire pit to warm up again, making s’mores and roasting hot dogs sometimes. Those were the days.

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