Top Rated Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

During the day you can easily see and appreciate your well maintained landscape and yard, but what about at night?  Do you have enough light to enjoy sitting outdoors and take in mother nature’s beauty? Not only does landscape lighting  provide illumination throughout your landscape, but also focuses to enhance the features at night and provide more security that only a well lit area can provide.  

Low voltage landscape lighting is perfect for this.   Low voltage is classified as any lights that use 12 to 24 volts of power and do not require the use of a transformer, thus many solar lights are also considered low voltage. What are the top rated low voltage landscape lighting on the market?  

You purchase these luminaries in a variety of places such as, Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart to name a few places.  For consistency were reviewed the top lights on, however checking at your local home and garden store will also get you some top quality landscape lights for you home as well.

Top Rated Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Top Rated Led Landscape Lighting

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights have been very popular since early 2005 and have become a standard for lighting across the globe.  Most quality low voltage lights consist of LED components.  Since the cost and power use for LED is very low, you can find numerous luminary options to highlight your landscape from many retail sources.

Zuckeo has quiet a few value packages available on Amazon with 4 to 8 light set available, it should be easy to find good value to enhance your landscape.

low voltage landscape lighting by zuckeo

low voltage landscape lights

Where To Place Landscape Lighting

Each home and landscape is different, therefore its only reasonable to maintain different types of landscape lights for different situations. See below for a few suggestions.

  • Trees and Bushes – Large trees with broader canopies might not be ideal for low voltage lighting. Bushes and smaller trees certainly will get great coverage with low voltage lighting.
  • Buildings & Fences – 2 story homes might be too much for low voltage, yet single story or small walls require less lighting.  Lighting placement could be low towards the ground or high above. 
  • Flower beds – This is where low voltage lights truly stand out and shine enough light to enhance the flowers  and bushes beautifully.
  • Pathways & Steps– Ideal areas to illuminate a path or steps. Great to highlight a line of step or stairs.
  • Patios & Decks – The flush mounted LED luminaries are great for decks and patios.

landscape lights low voltage

Another top rated landscape lighting package is by Westinghouse. These luminaries are designed to look good and keep your landscape looking good for many years.

Solar Power Landscape Lighting

For those of us that want to have to our cake and eat it too, hence present a few options for solar landscape lighting. These luminaries do not require wiring to a power source and can highlight your landscape just as well as a wired light.  The down side is that some lights do not last all the way through the night. For those cloudy days that hinder the sun, thus would limit some of the internal battery charging capacity.  Don’t let that stop you because solar lights are very inexpensive and actually keep your landscape well lit throughout the night in most circumstances. 

garden solar lights

For a cost efficient and easy to install path lighting, look no further than SolarGlows’s 6 pack of path and accent lights.

Professional Landscape Lighting

Many of the same options you can choose from a home and garden store you can get professionally installed.  In many instances it is better to let a professional wire and place lights in your landscape.

  • Electricity can be dangerous, even low voltage can be harmful if exposed wires are not properly  connected.
  • Sometimes light placement in trees or on walls require a ladder or to climb into a tree.
  • The peace of mind knowing you had the job done right.
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