Outdoor Fall Decorations

Fall Decor Pumpkin

Fall Decor PumpkinFall has settled in, and the rich colors of the season are a favorite for many of us. Have you decided what kind of decoration you want for your lawn or porch? Are you an avid fan of the holidays, looking for any reason to decorate as the fall and winter festivities march across the calendar? We’ve got some great ideas for outdoor fall decorations!

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Autumn Wreaths

Display a floral wreath with autumn colors on your door as a cheerful way of greeting your guests. Acorns, pine cones, and all those warm autumn colors make for a beautiful, organic collage. You can find the basics at your local hobby shop, and go for a nature walk to collect the rest!

Signage and Doormats

Perhaps another way to welcome your guests is a Halloween or fall-themed welcome mat. There are also decorative signs and seasonal plaques to be hung around the entryway or posted in your front yard.


Chysanthemums, or “mums” are a classic fall favorite. Their voluptuous blossoms and broad range of colors look great bunched together in an old basket, planter, or flower pot. They can even be woven into that wreath you just made!

Autumn Holidays

For Halloween displays, you may already have a box of spooky decor from previous years. Plastic skeletons, fake spider webs, gravestones, and other holiday classics are a kid-friendly way to deck out the yard. And of course, we don’t want to leave out the giant pumpkins and scarecrows we all associate with Thanksgiving.   

Copper Art

Copper art pieces are weather-resistant, making them a great addition to your outdoor space. Designs like sunflowers, windmills, birds, and foliage are excellent for fall-themed decorating. The rich, brassy hue of copper will catch the warm rays of the morning and evening sunlight.

Hay Bales

Easily found at your garden store or farmer’s market, a hay bale can be draped with a serape and used as a bench or foot stool. Add a few blankets and accent pillows to your patio furniture, giving your outdoor space a rustic “country” feel.


Repurpose those stock items in your garage or attic, and use them to decorate your porch. Take a galvanized container, a large basket, or an old wheel barrow- and fill them with dried leaves, gourds, and pine cones.

Vintage Containers

Get a hold of some old crates and barrels, and paint them with bright autumn colors. Then you can fill them with cattails, corn stalks, and other seasonal vegetation for a “down on the farm” ambience.

Fresh From the Garden

No money to buy decorations, and no old material laying around that you could use? Simply let your garden inspire you! Fall veggies and annuals can be neatly displayed on your porch and patio. Add some baskets and flower pots to add texture and layer to your homegrown autumn collage!

Final Thoughts

Outdoor fall decorating can add warmth and harmony to your property, and doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant. Create some festive fall curb appeal on your front porch or beyond with quick, easy, and economical decorating ideas!

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