Complete Small Backyard Makeover

Sometimes A Blank Canvas is What You Need?

Have you ever wanted to make change in your life, but not quite sure what to change? Some folks like to change their hairstyle, buy a new wardrobe, however that may not be your cup of tea. Why not start a complete small backyard makeover for you and your kids play in?  With the ideas below, you may not need to hire a Fort Worth general contractor for help.

The backyard is that place with a little work and some design planning you will achieve a fun place to play and enjoy your family time together. One way to enhance your yard is by adding a grill for outdoor meals. Asmoke pellet grills come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate any outdoor space, no matter how compact. Get it here!

As for additional innovative ideas, the video above shows a yard before and after its makeover for a radio show contest.  This was done over a weekend, and not surprisingly won the contest, although you don’t have to enter a contest to do a back yard makeover.  Just have the desire to make something different.

Steps by step as shown in the video.

  1. Remove all the topsoil, grass and weeds.  This will clear away the left over seeds, roots from the grass, and insects that might be laying dormant in the soil.
  2. Once the top soil has been cleared you must replenish the yard with new topsoil.  Without the topsoil your new sod will take hold and grow correctly.
  3. Define the areas you want to keep for gardening or mulch beds.  This back yard kept one flower bed in the top right corner of the yard and sectioned two areas for the kids to play in.  The mulched area for the trampoline and the sandbox area in the top left corner.  There was a stone center placed near the porch for use of a barbecue pit, or a movable fire pit.
  4. The edges were defined and sectioned off with dividers and mulch was placed along the fence line across the yard.  During the planning phase a dedicated space for the trampoline was included on the mulch to keep the lawn care simple.
  5. Several hardscape features were added.  The stone bench, the large boulders and the stone walkway leading to the sandbox.

before and after

As you can see the area is open, well organized and sectioned accordingly.  The process was thorough and completed in just a weekend.  When you hire JCs Landscaping to complete your backyard makeover, you have the piece of mind, knowing it was done right the first time and will be followed up on the make sure the sod grass installation is growing as it should be.

PDF Version : Complete Small Backyard Makeover


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