Little Elm Sod Installation

sod grassIf your building a new home that needs a new lawn or if your lawn is looking patchy, discolored and in serious need of rescue, installing new sod is fast easy.  JC’s Landscaping offers the best quality sod available for Little Elm. TX and surrounding areas of North Texas. Our sod installation team has over 15 years experience, and we work with only the highest quality of sod provider in the DFW area. Look no further for the best Little Elm sod installation, as well as landscaping services.

Our Process for New Sod Installation:

  1. First we remove all of the existing grass, weeds and rocks in your lawn.
  2. Mark the location of sprinkler heads to prevent any unnecessary damages.
  3. Loosen the soil with a roto-tiller to promote healthy root growth.
  4. Resurface the yard where needed by applying a top dressing of soil.
  5. New sod installed in a staggered joint fashion with no space in between, to prevent any water runoff.
  6. Roll in new sod with Water for great root contact and a smooth finish.
  7. Test sprinkler system and provide watering instructions.

Lawn mowing is recommended after 2 to 4 weeks.

Types of Sod Available

St. Augustine

Evergreen’s uniform texture, rich dark-green color and shorter, narrower leaf blade give it a distinctive plush appearance.

  • Top shade-tolerant St. Augustine grasses, however it also thrives in full sunlight.
  • Excellent cold tolerance means less hassles in the winter months, better color retention, and quicker recovery.


  • Drought and heat-tolerant, Can survive long droughts without sustaining permanent damage
  • High level of weed resistance, Chinch bug resistant


  • Warm-season grass, requires full sun and good drainage
  • Suitable for southern lawns from coast to coast as well as heat, drought, traffic and salt tolerant

Other grass types available for the Allen Texas area upon request.


We offer a 30 day warranty on our sod installation process.

  • There is a 30 day warranty on the grass that we install.  The grass warranty will cover one yard per pallet(3 squares) of sod that is ordered for installation. We offer a 1 year warranty when enrolling in our annual weed control and fertilization plan with grub worm control added for $480/yr ($120/qtr). This would also allow us to maintain your new sod properly.