Attractive Solar Garden Lights

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Adding fun and whimsical decorations to your garden- especially those that light up- will enhance the beauty of your yard. There are a lot of subtly attractive options like bistro lights and recessed lighting. With many of these, you’re faced with the task of sorting out all the wiring that’s involved in the setup process.

If you want to light up the night and add some color to your outdoor evenings, but don’t want a labor-intensive project, you should check out the myriad products available that use solar-powered lighting. We took a look at popular solar light decorations, specifically designed to enhance gardens, lawns, and patio areas. 

solar powered glass ball light
Solar powered glass ball light.

Here Are Our Favorite Solar Lighting Fixtures:

Solar Powered Glass Balls are a fun and simple option. They offer a blast of color in all directs, using only a single fixture. With a single AAA battery that recharges in the sun, this globe of starbursts has a life of 8-10 hours. It includes 3 settings and an off-switch, and is conveniently waterproof.

Great for both indoors and outdoors, these LED-lit orbs can be placed just about anywhere. They can be nestled into your garden bed, hung from a hook on the eave of your patio, or simply set on a tabletop. You can even find them in a stained-glass style mosaic design for a more sophisticated look. Or in a jar shape that offers a “countrified” accent.

Solar Stake Lights come in a variety of shapes to enhance your garden’s theme. We especially like the lilies and butterflies. Many of these designs utilize fiber optic material, meaning they are self-charging, and naturally “turn on” once the day grows dim.

Durable, flexible, and weatherproof, these cordless stake lights are a great way to add some color to flowerless ground cover. Or to a garden that’s gone dormant for the winter. They can even be used to enhance your walkway or liven up a hanging pot of ivy.

Cracked Glass Globes offer a simpler touch of decor to your garden and walkway. They require just a bit of assembly, but still no wiring to bother with. Weather-resistant, these lovely globes can be kept out all year round, to provide your yard with both beauty and safe footing.

Despite the fact that the globes are solar charged, there are 2 AA batteries that need occasional replacing. However, as with all LED lights, you’re looking at a conveniently long bulb life. Additionally, you can switch them off as needed, to save battery life.

Metal Stake Lights can also be found with solar-powered LED bulbs. Some prefer the more subtle earthy hues of metal, rather than adding artificial color to their gardenscape. If that’s you, you will love all the design options available. We personally get a kick out of this fish and this beautifully sculpted moon.

As with some other styles, these are designed to light up automatically once their solar panels stop detecting direct sunlight. Some also come with an on/off switch, and many include fully rechargeable batteries.

Solar Lanterns offer a more classic style of pathway lighting. They’re available in several different designs, including hanging

attractive solar garden lights
Solar powered lanterns.

lamps, umbrella-clip lanterns, and as hooked stakes. The stakes stand about 20 inches tall and make for some handsome ground lighting, while the others can be placed anywhere you like.

As with the other products, these lanterns are waterproof, wireless, and constructed with LED bulbs. They’re a great way to offer gentle, classy lighting to your yard and garden without unwanted flashes of color.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to enhance the lighting in your lawn and garden, but don’t want the complication of wires and cords, you have a lot of truly attractive options.  Looking for some outdoor decor ideas that are a bit more holiday-centric? Check out our how-to article on Decorating Bushes with Christmas Lights.

Attractive Solar Garden Lights
Solar powered stake light.






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