Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas


Front benchYour front yard should not have to be a typical cookie cutter yard. Simple front yard landscaping ideas will inspire a little creative thinking. This in turn will open mind, and create that front yard that everyone in the neighborhood would love to come over and hang out in.

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Make a Room Outdoors

Measure the size of your yard and look for areas that can be landscaped for an isolated spot to sit and relax.  Place a bench under a tree and fill in the surrounding area with different types of flowers and shrubs. Adding some potted plants next to bench where you can sit in your front yard creates a terrific place to visit with neighbors.  Makes a great place to watch the kids play.

Creating Visual Features

Establish your front yard a fun place to be in by adding lots of visual stimulating objects:

  • Add a bird house or birdbath that will attract lots of interesting wildlife to your yard.
  • Try to partner your non plant items with compatible foliage and fauna. If you place a birdbath in your yard, plant a colorful array of flowers around the base.
  • Plan shrubs and flowers that attract butterflies. Bring these gorgeous insects to the area around your house.

Using Containers

Spilling PotContainers are a fantastic way to add variety to your yard. You can place big tubs or planters of flowers on your front porch, along your driveway, or even on your lawn. The beauty of containers is that when you get tired of them in one place, they are easy to move or replant.

  • Create a Flowering Spill Planter full of flowers is another nifty landscaping idea.

Mixing Perennials And Annuals

One simple front yard landscaping ideas is mixing your annuals with perennials. The bloom year after year can be propagated by division. Making them an affordable way to add to your landscape.  You should always have something blooming in your yard as perennials tend to bloom in succession. Annuals give a continuous  color in your front yard, however last one season only.

By having a mix of annuals and perennials in your front yard, you can change up your choices and try new things each year.

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One thought on “Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

  1. These landscaping ideas are cool. I like the container idea, it gives any home a whole new look. I have it in my front yard, and people keep admiring it.

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