Outdoor Hardscape Design

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Materials for Landscape Design

Landscaping consist of two principles. First is utilizing plants and trees to create a visual layout, thus using plants such as flowers, shrubs, trees, and grass.  The second principle is hardscaping and is composed of concrete, stone, or some other hardscape material. Uniting both softscape and hardscape creates a landscape effectively and creating outdoor living spaces. Today we focus on the hardscape design side of landscaping.

What Does Hardscape Mean?

The term that is usually used by most people to describe anything used in an outdoor space design that is made of natural materials, but not living materials such as trees, shrubs or other plants and grasses. Hardscaping can include a large number of things.

  1. Concrete walks and driveways
  2. Stone pathways, driveways, patios
  3. Retaining walls, and elevated beds, benches
  4. Wooden decks
  5. Metals

These are a few examples. Generally it’s going to be any kind of concrete or masonry items whether it be materials like pavers, stone, natural rock, or concrete patios; however wood and lumber can be used as well.

Hardscape Design and Landscaping Overall

hardscape-patioEven though most hardscape is designed serve a specific purpose, your landscape design should use them together to accent and compliment each other. You will want to mix hardscape and softscaping together. It helps to bring out the characteristics and the beauty of the plant materials used and give the lawn and landscaping some variety of texture, form and shape.  In many instance a 3 dimensional feel through your landscape using multi-level elevated beds and retaining walls.

Not all landscapes are the same, and depending on each individual situation, we can find ways to use what your landscape has while creating the most functional outdoor spaces possible.  JCs Landscaping has the know how to help create a beautiful and functional hardscaped landscapes. We have the experience installing stones, and bricks for walk ways, elevated flowerbeds, as well as fountains and ponds. Call or Click Request a Quote today.

D Boone

D Boone

Love the outdoors. Unlucky in real estate but lawn and gardening I can excel at.

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  2. Thank you for sharing these insights into outdoor hardscape design! It’s fascinating to see how combining various materials like concrete, stone, wood, and metal can create such dynamic and visually appealing landscapes. Integrating hardscape elements with softscaping truly enhances the overall aesthetic and functionality of outdoor spaces.

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