Best Flowers To Plant In North Texas

  • Best flowers to plant in North Texas
  • Best flowers to plant in North Texas
  • Best flowers to plant in North Texas
  • Best flowers to plant in North Texas
  • Best flowers to plant in North Texas

Flowers make places look beautiful and they can bring changes to both homes and commercial properties in North Texas. They also give life to the entry to your home and brightens shrub borders thereby giving them an exciting look. Best flowers to plant in North Texas

Colorful Flowers For North Texas

The color from flowers creates beauty which makes a commercial place to look so beautiful and that will help you to make a lasting impression on your potential clients. Regardless of the time in the year annual flowers can help you complete your landscape design. It doesn’t matter if you are a residential customer or a commercial business.

The best flowers that you can plant in North Texas. For a complete list of ideal flowers check out these Texas superstars.

  • Amaranthus – These type of flowers are tolerant to full sun, and they have a variety of shades such as red, yellow and green leaves. They can help you to have a great tropical look especially around pools and the back end of borders. They can withstand extreme heat and harsh conditions of the soil, and this makes them be a good flower to be planted in North Texas.
  • Periwinkle – They are excellent in flowerbeds which are fully exposed to the sun. They are available in a number of different colors such as pink, rose, and white. The variations of white can also be found in a contrasting color to the eye namely pink or rose. They are perfect for hanging containers and baskets.
  • Coleus – This type of flower can tolerate all the types of sun exposures. It’s a seasonal color plant that is available in a variety of color shades such as pink, red, maroon, and green. They make a perfect contrasting color that works well for containers and borders. As much as coleus does well in all types of sun exposure, it prefers areas with a cool and filtered shade.
  • Dianthus – You can get dianthus in a variety of color shades including white, pink, purple, red, lavender and many more. It can do well in sun exposure areas with full partial sun and it can also be perfect for fresh cut flower arrangements. Besides being a great flower to plant in North Texas, it can also be considered as a perennial flower in some other areas of Texas. They can be best used in a number of areas such as flower beds, containers, rock gardens, and borders in North Texas.
  • Texas Gold Columbine – It has a large yellow blooms and a great heat tolerance. This cool season perennial can add a blast of color to a shady area in the garden. The neat rounded growth habit will work well in a formal landscape or a mass planting will provide a spectacular spring show.

Best flowers to plant in North TexasBest Placement For Flowers

  1. Entry gardens include a mix of foundation plantings, walkway beds and driveway borders. Flowers are very welcoming for guests in the front yard. Plantings flowers complement your home and makes coming home more relaxing and serine.
  2. Foundation plantings anchor your home to the surrounding landscape and ease the transition from structure to lawn. Fill foundation beds with plants featuring different colors and textures, Curving bed edges to soften hard angles between sidewalks, driveways and your house.

Smart landscape design would arrange flowering plants by height, with tallest bloomers in the back of beds viewed from one side or in the center of beds viewed from all sides. Placing tall flowers in front of windows  can obstruct views. Keep walkways trimmed to knee level or shorter to ensure sprawling plants don’t become an obstacle.


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