Landscaping Stone Borders Around Flower Beds

  • Stone Border Around Flower Bed

    Austin Chopped Stone with a Flagstone Cap
  • Landscaping Stone Borders

    Austin Chopped Stone Borders with Flagstone Cap around Flower Beds Landscaping Project
  • Stone Wall Borders

    Raised flower beds with stone wall borders
  • Raised Flower Bed Landscaping

    Landscaping stone walls border on raised flower beds
  • Curved Stone Borders

    Flower bed island with curved stone border all the way around.
  • Flower Bed Landscaping

    Landscaping stone borders around flower bed
  • Stone Border Around Pond

    Landscaping a Pond with Stone Borders in Back Yard
  • Mulching Flower Beds with Stone Borders

    Adding mulch to flower bed with stone borders
  • Large Stone Divider

    Large stones dividing a garden bed landscaping
  • Large Rocks Border

    Landscaping flower bed with large rocks as border
  • Flat Brick Stone Borders

    Flat Brick Stone Borders

    Flat stone borders around flower beds
  • landscaping stone borders

    Stone Border Around Tree Bed

    Tree and Flower Bed with Stone Border Landscaping
  • landscaping stone retaining wall around flower bed

    Stone Retaining Wall

    Landscaping a Stone Retaining Wall Around Flower Bed


Get Stone Borders Installed

When you feel stressed, and you need a place to have a significant relaxation, your outdoor area will always serve as a perfect spot. So, investing in improving the look of your landscape is a fantastic treat for yourself.

Nature’s view has its unique and effective way of providing you a valuable tranquility. It can even make it easier for you to forget all the negative vibes around.

After a busy weekday, it is ideal to put an effort visiting your garden area and recharge yourself. To make this more effective, providing your flower beds with landscape stone border can improve your experience.

Here, you will be able to learn different ideas for your next landscape stone border project. So, how are you going to choose the right stone  for your flower beds.

Type of Edging Stones for Borders

There are different types of stone to choose from and each type has its unique characteristics.  We can generally install any type of stone you prefer, but what we usually like to recommend is listed below:

  • Austin Chopped Stone
  • Oklahoma Chopped Stone
  • Leauders Chopped Stone
  • Boulder Moss Stones

Shape and Texture

Natural stones are known for its rounded shape resulted from long exposure to water in the streams, rivers, lakes or ocean. Manufactured stones provide a shape which is intended to imitate the appearance of natural stones. You have no trouble choosing the best stones for your flower bed landscaping because there is already a wide variety of man-made stone that provides organic and attractive look. Thus, it offers a uniform size and shape, with various color options.

With the help of a different type of landscape stone, it is made easier for you to create a more attractive look for your flower bed.

Artistic Medium

When you are deciding for landscape stone border design, you can play with your imagination. You may come up with a rock garden theme where you can use stones with a natural round shape and then choose plants that can enhance the overall look.

Different Rock Features

Landscape stones can be you to different landscape ideas where you can take advantage of different stone features to fulfill your creativity. In building a stone border, you can use either collection of pebbles and smaller stones or larger sizes within the gabion cages. This provides an attractive look while staying functional as a retaining wall.

Learn how to build a stone retaining wall – pdf

Water Feature Accent

Landscape stones are attractive and artistically dry. However, if you combine it with a water feature, its beauty, color, and texture become full of life. For a natural look for your flower bed, you can use paddle stones because of its neutral colors. Thus, they are quite flexible when it comes to creating natural mosaic designs.

There is no way for you not to try a landscape stone border to create an attractive and unique look for your flower bed. The next time that you will visit your garden, you will get more satisfaction with the view.

For help with installing stone borders around your flower beds contact JC’s Landscaping for a free estimate.


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