What Do You Put On Your Lawn in the Fall?

what do you put on your lawn in the fall?

Fall is a season of transition, and as the temperatures begin to cool, it’s crucial to shift our focus to lawn care practices that will nourish and prepare our lawns for the coming winter and ensure a stunning display of greenery in the following spring. As we bid farewell to the scorching summer heat, it’s time to consider what our lawns need to thrive and rejuvenate.

With the right approach, the fall season presents an ideal opportunity to fortify your lawn, allowing it to withstand the challenges of winter while setting the stage for vibrant growth in the months ahead. In this blog post, we will delve into the essential elements of fall lawn care, guiding you on what to put on your lawn during this season.

Lawn Fertilizer

Fall is a critical season for lawn care, and it is essential to know what your lawn needs to thrive during this period. To promote deep root growth and healthy grass development, it’s recommended that lawn fertilizer be added during the months of September or October. A good application of lawn fertilizer in the fall helps develop a denser, hardier lawn, which will help mitigate stress and damage in the winter months.

fall lawn weed-clover
Clover weed.

Pre Emergent Herbicides

Additionally, pre-emergent herbicides should be applied sometime between August and November to help control winter weeds before they germinate.

This application will control weeds like clover, chickweed, and purple deadnettle before they arrive.

It is crucial to remember that pre-emergents must be watered well to provide adequate coverage to the soil.

Post Emergent Herbicides

A post-emergent herbicide application in September will help control broadleaf weeds already visible in the lawn. Be sure to read the label as multiple applications may be necessary.

As the leaves begin to change color and the crisp autumn breeze fills the air, you may notice an unwelcome sight in your otherwise meticulously tended lawn – broadleaf weeds. These pesky invaders, characterized by their wide leaves and distinctively different growth patterns compared to grass, seem to thrive in the fall season.

While your initial instinct may be frustration, understanding the characteristics and life cycles of these broadleaf weeds will empower you to battle them effectively.

Is your yard overgrown with weeds? Contact us today to learn about our weed control service.

Fall Pests and Diseases

get rid of grubs and revive lawn
White grubworm

Common warm-season grasses in Texas are St. Augustine, Zoysia, and Bermuda grass, which suffer from fall pests and diseases. Armyworms, sod webworms, and grubs, have the potential to damage a lawn quickly during this period.

Look for brown patches in the lawn, indicating these pests, and contact a professional pest control service for guidance.

Warm-season lawns are also susceptible to fungus like Brown Patch and Gray Leaf Spot. Look for patterns in your lawn, indicating these conditions, which will cause significant damage to your lawn if left untreated.

Maintaining proper lawn maintenance through fall will help to keep your lawn healthy and resilient enough to withstand the winter months to come. Contact JC’s Landscaping in Allen, TX for Lawn Care Services.

what do i put on my lawn in the fall?
Healthy, fall lawn.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, proper lawn maintenance in the fall is crucial to have a healthy and lush lawn.

Adding lawn fertilizer, pre-emergent herbicides, and, if necessary, post-emergent herbicides is essential to keep your lawn healthy, weed-free, and pest-free.

Paying attention to the common pests and diseases that affect your warm-season grasses will keep your lawn resilient and beautiful all year round. Contact JC’s Landscaping for advice and services on how to keep your lawn in top condition today.

M Valdivia

M Valdivia

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