Lawn Fertilization

Depending on the season, your grass type and lawn condition; pre-emergent, weed and feed, turf builders, or a winterizer is needed to promote a healthier/thicker lawn with minimal or no weeds.

We can come out to look at your grass type and soil to determine what is best for your lawn.

JC’s Landscaping has a guaranteed Weed Control with lawn fertilization program.  Get the perfect lawn you deserve and spend less money doing it.

Lawn Fertilization Service

We recommend 6 treatments per year.  That may or may not be the best treatment schedule for your lawn.  Give us details about your location and grass type and we’ll be happy to discuss with you the best fertilizing options at the time.

Our lawn fertilization service specialists will come out to you, work with you to meet your needs and provide you with quality lawn maintenance and customer service.  Contact us for a free estimate.

fertilizer for pots

Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

Why Hire a Professional?

Professional lawn care specialists will know exactly what type or products your specific turfgrass needs and when it’s best to apply it. If you apply the wrong products at the wrong time, you will end up spending a lot more money. Hiring a professional to fertilize your lawn will help keep you on schedule with regular feedings and take a load of stress off your mind.

Why Choose Us?

JC’s Landscaping will set your lawn up for optimal success. Some landscaping companies offer subpar services, especially when it comes to fertilization. Not JC’s. We truly take the time to take note of your grass type, weather/climate conditions, location, and soil to make sure we apply the products that will work best on your lawn.