Effectively Storing Your Seeds for Next Spring


seedsAs summer comes to a close, you may have leftover seeds for heat-loving plants and flowers that you want to preserve for next spring. In doing so, you want to make sure and avoid conditions that will make the seeds begin to sprout even though they haven’t been planted. There are a few simple things to consider when preparing for seed storage

Let’s take a look at the best measures in safely preserving your seeds for next season. 

Make Sure Your Seeds Are Dry

We all know that seeds need moisture to sprout. So in the process of storing them, it is critical to keep them completely dry. One effective method is to wrap them in cloth or paper towels, and place them in a ziplock bag. 

You want to make sure you make the bag as air-tight as possible, especially if you live in a humid climate. Adding a silica gel pack, like the kind you find in a medicine bottle, will also assist in wicking away moisture.

Keep Your Seeds Away From Light

In addition to moisture, all plants need light to grow and perform photosynthesis. For effective seed storage, a dark place is ideal. This is especially true if you’ve only enclosed them in a clear bag with no additional coverage.

For a few months, the refrigerator is the best place to store your seeds. If you’d like to preserve them longer, the freezer is a great option. These cold, dark environments will ensure that the seeds remain dormant. 

Short-Term Storage

For seeds you only need to store for a short time- say a few weeks or a couple of months- an airtight container such as a mason jar will do just fine. Adding a bit of rice will help wick out any extra moisture. It is certainly cheaper than purchasing silica gel packs, and is a kitchen staple most people already have on-hand.

Additionally, salt can come in handy with this process. It is probably the world’s oldest natural preservative, and a sprinkle of salt will help keep your seeds fresh and dehydrated. 


  • Seeds need to be kept dry to avoid sprouting while in storage. A ziplock bag and some paper towels should do the trick.
  • Seeds need to be stored in a dark place to be kept dormant over a several-month period. We recommend the refrigerator or the freezer.
  • For short-term storage, an airtight container with a bit of rice or salt is an effective method.

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